Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ellana Sheer Velvet FP vs Aromaleigh URFP

I've been testing both Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder (URFP) in Transluscent and Ellana Minerals new Sheer Velvet Finishing Powder in White Chocolate this past few weeks..I really have oily skin and I usually get oily and shiny after 3 hours since I applied my I am always on a hunt for a good oil control powder that is MMU (I rarely use non MMU stuff on my face)..I've tried Monave Angel, Milan Oil at Bay, Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil, Valerie Beauty oil control powder (i forgot the name hehe), etc.

Lately, I've been "hearing" good reviews about AL's URFP doing a good job of keeping oilies at bay..actually "silica" as the hero is more like is the main ingredient of Aromaleigh's infamous URFP and Dreamworld's Illuminating powder too.. so I got a sample for my self a couple of weeks ago..and it does work wonders! (check out my review on it here) I really am saving up for a full size of URFP in Clear coz it's not cheap (for me anyway) and shipping is quite pricey too..but then, I luckily discovered that a local brand of MMU, Ellana Minerals, has released their own version of an HD powder..Lucky me, coz when I visited their showroom to get some stuff for my sister, Coney was there and she told me about their new product..I got a sample of White Chocolate Sheer Velvet FP so that I can test it for myself..and I loved it! It's main ingredient is Silica too so this is almost the same as AL URFP..According to Coney, they patterned their sheer velvet formulation to MUFE HD's my take on it :)


Price: 5/5 - this is quite affordable compared to Aromaleigh's URFP ($13.75 for a 6g product).. this is sold for only P380 (around $7-8) for 6g too! Plus shipping is cheap too coz this is locally available.

Packaging: 4/5 - this comes in a big jar and sometimes spill on the sides like any other brands but at least you can use the top for swirling your brush for touch ups.

Quality: 5/5 - this really keeps my oiliness at bay for hours..I just need to use this before and after my foundation and my face will have a smooth and oil free skin for at least 5- hours! I even use this alone on tp of my tinted sunblock for those days that I am too lazy to put anything haha :)

Will I buy it again? Definitely! I'll surely get the full size as soon as I finished up my sample :)

For those looking for a cheaper alternative for Aromaleigh's URFP but still works wonder, do try Ellana Minerals' Sheer Velvet FP..tatak pinoy!

note: I edited this post to add an actual picture of the sheer velvet :)


Askmewhats said...

I am interested! You got me interested! :D I don't have oily skin though, I'm more on the dry combination, do you think i'll have dry patches using this?

Crystal Gale said...

^ I think if you are not oily, just use it on top of your foundie for that HD can always get the sample size for testing to be sure :)

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

haha remember that i blogged about this too? i just got a full size of this for me. yey! buti ka pa. your face normally gets oily after 3 hours but becomes 5 hours if you use this. ako, my face normally becomes oily after 1 hour and it becomes 2 1/2-3 hours using this. that's how oily i am :p

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi! yah, i think we purchased the sample almost the same time's really good noh? have you tried the sandwich method sis? it works for me :)