Friday, January 9, 2009

Cyleina Organic Haul

Because of the rave, I gave in and got myself some Cyleina Organic soaps. I love organic products and since I'm also looking for whitening soaps I gave this brand a try. Why not get 2 things I'm looking for in one product right? So I got the super famous Black Pearl (P60), Rice Bran (P65) and Strawberry (P65) soap variants. I plan to use the Black Pearl soap on my face but since I'm still under treatment, I'll just test this on my underarms and butt area first and see if they will get lighter. The Rice Bran variant is antibacterial and whitening so it is great for the body while the Strawberry soap is an exfoliator so this is best used 2x a week..I plan to test out the soaps one kind per 2 weeks so that I will know if my skin is okay with or not :)

I have so many insect bite marks on my legs so I hope this combination of soaps will help me even out my color..wish me luck! I'll post a followup feedback after a month :)

What about you? Have you used these soaps already? I would like to hear your feedbacks about them ..thanx! Ciao!


musicalfanlovesminerals said...

i hope these soaps work out for you. i use them myself and i love them! the strawberry and rice bran soaps should be 60 only though.

Crystal Gale said...

^ i hope i'll like it too! hmm, really? P60 only? their website says P65 kasi..anyways, i tried the rice bran 2x already and it smells and feels great :)

Nesz Reyes said...

gale, i tried 'em too! the best un black pearl talaga.. ;)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi nesz! I haven't tried the black pearl yet..inuubos ko pa yung rice bran ko hehe..but i'll definitely try it soon :)