Friday, January 9, 2009

A Derma Visit + Pedicure

Today, I went back to my dermatologist for a checkup. Dra. Manuel wants to see the condition of my skin after the 1st chemical peel she did on me last December 30, 2008. Since I still have areas that are still peeling, my forehead and jaw, she gave me a new skin care regimen to follow.

wash with blue soap
apply acne lotion on areas with pimples
apply sunblock spf 80

wash with blue soap
apply acne lotion on areas with pimples
apply Tretinoin cream <-- this is a new addition to speed up the peeling on my face

I'm still on an every other day antibiotics, Tetralysal. She told me to come back after a week to see any improvements and if I can decrease my antibiotic to every two days (I'm already on the tapering period). She also want to check my right cheek's condition (my right cheek is the only area on my face that still has pimples now, and they are recurrent on the same spots), and if tretinoin can't help in treating that area, she will give me a special topical antibiotic to use on those antibiotic resistant bacteria that's causing my pimples. Here's a picture of my skin care stuff now..from top: the blue soap, acne lotion, lightening cream (for spot treatment of dark spots), tretinoin cream, sunblock spf 80, V&M lip detox, mama lotion (sample given to me for testing), skin hour revitaleyes and clearagen lip therapy :)

I arrived early in the clinic so while waiting for Dra. Manuel to arrive, I asked Ate Sel (her assistant) to give me a pedicure. I rarely get pedicure coz I easily get hurt but I got the urge to get one today and Ate Sel did a great job! I didn't bleed and still my toes got clean. She suggested a red colored nail polish to make my feet look fairer. I was skeptical at first coz I haven't tried any red toned polish ever, they are scary for me hehe..but I felt adventurous today so I agree. After she cleaned my toes, she applied Orly bonder then a red Orly nail polish (I forgot to ask the shade name..sorry). This shade of red is so pretty..I'll definitely buy this shade when I go to the mall (after I get the name) hehe :)

And here's my smallest and oldest dog..her name is Petite..She's almost 13 y/o already :)

And here's my snack of the day while doing this blog entry..Yummy!
Waterthins Cheese Twist in Feta and Olive

*I transferred the cheese twists on a plastic container and placed a label on the cover so that it will stay crunchy*


pseudostrong said...

how much did he chemical peel cost?

Crystal Gale said...

^hi! I paid P1,500 for everything na..that's for facial, injection and peel depends on your case actually :)

Lootwagon said...

aaaaaaw! cute pup! is he wearing diapers? that's too adorable!

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi lootwagon! thanx! yep, she is wearing diapers coz I wasn't able to potty train her when she was still young hehe :)