Thursday, February 5, 2009

MAC brush set

2 weeks ago, I was able to acquire my first ever MAC face brush set. I was so excited when I impulsively bought this that I did not worry when I realized I just used my derma budget for it haha..though I really don't know what is this set called..Do any of you know the name of my brush? I would really appreciate it :)
This brush set comes in a very cute gold case that has a mirror inside to provide a stiff case for the brushes. It contains four travel size face brushes: 187SE, 190SE, 168SE and 194SE. These brushes are all essentials in my opinion.
My review:

- the case - aside from being pretty, I love the size of it coz it is easy to travel with plus I will not worry that my brushes will get deformed during the travel coz it is a little stiff.
- I love the fact that it contains all basic brushes for my face so I just need to worry about my eye brushes.
- most of the brushes don't shed even after cleaning
- very cute handle
- I got it on sale! haha nothing beats this :)
- the 187SE sheds..but I hear that SE brushes are not built by hand like the regular sized ones so I guess I should expect that it will have a lower quality
- the 168SE is not that soft (I'm used to the softness of synthetic hairs)..but they feel the same with my regular sized 127 brush so I think it is normal
Will I buy it again? I will not buy another MAC face set coz this set contains everything I need, but I'll probably buy an eye set if it will go on sale too hehe :)
Till my next post! thanx for dropping by! Ciao :)


Monica said...

What collection did that come from? ^_^ I like the case a lot.

Crystal Gale said...

It's from the Royal Asset holiday collection in 2007..I got this from Ellana's showroom :)