Monday, February 2, 2009

Meet Up & Makeup Event with a Cause =)

I'm lucky enough to be part of "Seminar for a Cause: To judith with Love" conducted by Nikki of Askmewhats last Saturday (January 31,2009). I was a little late because I got lost a little and I just walked from the MRT station hehe..but still, my excitement didn't falter even a little even if I was sweating buckets already..I was so happy to be able to arrive in the room and see everyone..Nikki's hubby, Keith, is so nice and offered me a glass of water to freshen me up..after I relaxed a little, I started to interact with the other girls..Aside from Nikki and Keith, I met Crystal (Musicalfan), Rhea and her husband Nap, Nina (who's the youngest among us all) and Shen (Kikay Pinay). It is so funny coz we recognized each other easily because of our blogs..It actually made me feel comfortable that I knew majority of the people in the room.

I enjoyed every minute of feels like all of us are long time friends and are just having a get-together..and that we are just playing with our toys (makeup of course!)..while the girls are playing with makeup, the boys are playing with their is such a carefree and happy group and I hope I'll have a chance to meet them again sooner or later :)

Anyways, here are some the pictures taken that day :)
This is my look before the makeup seminar..I just wore a little foundie, oil control powder, undereye concealer and lipbalm coz I know I'll just remove it later on.

By the way, I had a haircut from Menage Salon a day before the Chinese New is said to be lucky to have a haircut before the new year starts so my sis and I got one..this is way better than my uncut hair so I'm working this style now..super low maintainance..I'll keep this until I have time to have someone fix it again to a better style hehe :)

Here are my FOTDs..thank you girls for letting me try your products..this is a breather from using all out MMU for the last 3 years hehe :)

- Skin79 BB cream as base - thanx Nikki for letting me try your BB cream. It feels great..I like it better than Skin Food and didn't broke me out too..hmm this makes me think if I should start using BB cream again hehe :)
- MakeUp Forever HD foundation in 120 - this is the first time I used liquid foundation in years! It feels lightweight and easy to apply (I used my MAC 187 SE)..I didn't broke out..and it does make me look good in pictures..thanx Shen for letting me try it and for helping me apply it :)

- Ellana Sheer Velvet FP and another HD powder dupe (I forgot the brand Nikki used sorry)
- Paul & Joe blush - I forgot to check the shade but it has 2 colors that has a peachy orange effect on looks so pretty and fresh

* this photo is taken by Kuya Nap after Nikki completed my look..thanx kuya! :)

The 2 next photos are taken by me after 6 hours of no retouch..still looks good hehe

Here are some of my EOTDs..This look is Nikki's work..It is an easy smokey eye look..I really love the Paul & Joe curling mascara Nikki used on my lashes..It actually kept the curl! I can't believe it..all of my mascaras that are volumizing and waterproof (Lancome & Shu Uemura) weighs down my lashes and makes my curled lashes stick straight as if I didn't curl it with an eyelash curler..this is one of the reasons why I really don't like putting mascara..but this product from Paul&Joe changed my lashes looks great the whole didn't smudge too so I'm loving it..I hope I can have one during their sale coz it is kind of pricey hehe :)


- UDPP on lid and lower lashline

- NYX concealer on undereyes

- Eyeshadows - black (all over lid & lower lashline), golden bronze (on crease), highlight (on browbone & inner corners)

- Paul and Joe curling mascara

And here is a group picture of everyone..the boys are not in the picture coz they are th one taking them hehe..this one is taken by Kuya Nap..It was so nice meeting you all! Till next time :)

*from left: Shen, Gale, Crystal, Nikki, Rhea & Nina

And here's my certificate :)

This picture is taken around 9pm at Kamayan Restaurant in West Ave. I went with my mom to her high school reunion. I was assigned to sit with her friends' kids, luckily they are girls too so it was easy to chat. One of them, Tiffany, was a fashionista by heart but don't know how to apply makeup so when she saw I have so many makeup on my bag (I brought them with me to the seminar), she asked me to teach her the I still ended my day talking about makeup was fun!

* from left: Tiffany, Gale and Shobe

Till my next post. Ciao! =)


Askmewhats said...

hey Gale! I'm glad to have met you in person! :) thanks for the wonderful time too! I would LOVE to play with your make up stash but it was such a busy day! :) I hope this won't be the last time we see each other! :) Thanks for attending the event!

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi nikki! there's always a next time naman.. I want to play with your kit too! so many good stuffs hehe and your traincase is so pretty talaga :)

Yas said...

You look beautiful sweetheart! OMG it looks like it was such a wonderful event filled with incredible ladies and with a more than generous cause. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! The MUFE makes your skin flawless. What color MUFE did you try hun? I'm still trying to figure out what color I may be. Thanks babe!

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi Yas! thank you! hmm, I wasn't able to check the shade I used..MUFE HD feels so light too! I'll ask the shade and post it here :)

Crystal Gale said...

hi again Yas! the shade I used in MUFE HD foundation is 120 :)