Monday, February 2, 2009

My latest V&M and Skin Hour Haul with a Review

Here's my latest organic haul from 2 of my fave brands now..I got myself some Venus&Mars' Royal Pearl Soap and Skin Hour's Lucia Body Cream because of the raves it got :)

I haven't tried V&M Royal Pearl soap yet coz I still don't have a go signal at the moment from my derma..but if I can't help it, I'll probably use it on my body first haha..I also got another sweet note from Jamie..thanx Jamie! I hope I'll like it too :D

My sister wants to order another pot of Skin Hour Revitaleyes balm coz our pot is going low I thought of trying their new Body Cream since it was on sale and I am looking for another body lotion to use on my super dry legs..I have tried it already..I like the smell coz it is very light but my brother don't like it..he always complain to me whenever I put some cream on myself haha..we share the same room so it is hard for the 2 of us..this is also my problem with my V&M Cleopatra rub..i love it but my bro and bf don't...I don't know what's with guys..they always complain about the scent of lotions and cologne if it is sweet smelling hehe :D
Anyways, Skin Hour Body Cream is suppposed to give intense moisture..and if paired with their body scrub, it will definitely soften your dry my experience, it does moisturize and absorbs is not sticky and heavy even if it is hot..I like this lotion but sadly, I think I need a heavier duty one for my dry and scaly legs to be used at night coz it just lessened the dryness but not totally healed I've said, the scent is light and not overpowering to the nose.. I love the tub container coz it is so easy to get products and I can finish it up to the last drop unlike with squeeze or pump bottles :)
I also got a sweet note from Char and a sample of their liquid body loofah..she's so sweet coz she sent me a sample to try it with the body creme..they have the same scent and I love the does not scratch my skin at all..and I feel clean after it! I'll definitely get myself a tub once I used up all of my body scrubs..thanx Char! :)

I'll comeback with a review on V&M Royal Pear soap after I used it for a month..Ciao! :)


Soapaholic said...

Hi!:) Just want to ask, is the Skin Hour Body Cream like the V&M Cleopatra Rub in consistency? I read in your earlier posts that you've tried Cleopatra Rub. I love Cleopatra Rub kasi but the product junkie in me wants to try other brands before settling. Hihi.:P

Crystal Gale said...

^ Hi Soapaholic! thanx for dropping by..Me too, I love trying out brands before settling down on my HG..hehe..anyways, the consistency of V&M cleopatra rub is thicker than Skin Hour body cream..and the scent of V&M lasts longer too..but I prefer the packaging of Skin HOur coz I can use every drop of the product unlike with V&M's bottle..try it, it is cheaper I think :)

Yas said...

Look at that haul! I just love how luscious everything looks! Lucky girl! ;)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi Yas! thanx! :)