Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tag Time!

I've been so busy day starts at 4am (I prepare for work and leave my house aroung 4:45am), start working at 5am, finish work at 1pm then go to the hospital to visit my grandmother (she underwent Mastectomy..her whole left breast was removed coz the doctor found a tumor last month..we are hoping that the result of the biopsy will be Benign) and went home around 9pm, and go to sleep around 10pm.

My routine last week and this week is so tiring..actually, all of us are stressed because until now, we still don't know the result of the biopsy..then I had my own minor operation yesterday dad's plastic surgeon friend removed my persistent folliculitis on my underarm..I got that 5 years ago due to plucking my UA hairs..then a few months ago it started getting inflamed he decided to just removed everything..I was shocked that a small incision, around 1 inch in length, could have 5 stitches! this is my first time to have stitches so I don't know..hopefully, me and my lola will get better soon and our wounds will heal fast :)

Anyways, TAG TIME!! I got this from Nikki :)

what’s your favourite eye shadow color to wear?

-Pale Yellow! (my fave is my MAC Unorthodox e/s) <-- :="" brighter="" eyes="" makes="" my="" span="" this="">

what’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without?

-sunblock..I can't go out of my house without any sunblock higher than spf30

what’s your favourite makeup look – high drama OR natural?

- natural all over coz my dad doesn't like seeing me with makeup hehe :)

which feature do you play up the most?

- my eyes..I do play with colors whenever the mood strikes me :)

which feature do you try to downplay/cover up?

- dark undereye circles

your favorite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist?

- I can't choose between Dreamworld minerals or Meow Cosmetics's a tie!

which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again?
- Face Sunblock SPF 80 from my derma, Skin Hour revitaleyes, MMU products

which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why?
- Bobbie nail polish..they don't have good color payoff and lasting power

one beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done?
- derma procedures like pimple injection, peeling and facial..I'm acne prone so I need a maintainance of these :)

one beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done?
- tanning! I never want to be dark hehe :)

one beauty trick you can share with everyone?
- always apply makeup a little product at a is easier to add and add products than to erase them if you've over done it..cheaper too!

best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup?
>Regarding Beauty
- If you feel great about yourself, then it will reflect to other people and they will see you as a beautiful woman keep smiling and keep that self-esteem on high! :)

>Regarding Makeup
- This is only meant to make you feel special and accentuate your best is not a mask to cover your natural beauty..LESS IS MORE!

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