Monday, March 2, 2009

#6 Sable paint brush - MAC 242 dupe?


I really want to share with you guys a picture of the sable paint brush I got from National bookstore..remember the time when Loew Cornell brushes are so in-demand because of Enkore's review on Youtube? well since that time, I already wanted to purchase one coz it is more practical than buying from MAC..but sadly, the brand is not available locally and I can't find good natural hair paint brushes here..but lucky me, when I went to Trinoma last month, I got curious again and asked the sales lady if they have natural hair paint brushes..and yes they do have!
The brand of the brush is Jianghai and the brush number I got is looks like a MAC 242 (I think) in size and shape of the head..It does a good job in applying eyeshadows coz it doesn't "eat" my shadows unlike with my EDM eyeshadow brush and instead deposits the pigments on my is made of soft sable hairs and so far it had not shedded and bled on me even after washing them..I really like it so much! the only downside of using a paint brush as an eyeshadow brush is that the handle is too long! and I mean LONG!!! the whole brush is like the length of 2 MAC 217 brush it fits horizontally on my there..I think I'll just buy a smaller eye shadow brush for travels :)
Here's a size comparison of the head of my MAC 217 and my new brush.
Nikki of Not just Minerals suggested that I should just cut the handle off so that I will not have any problem one night, I used my dad's Swiss Army Knife (the filer) and saw off my brush it is now :)
Thanx for dropping by again to this post! Ciao!


Askmewhats said...

wow..that is one long brush! LOL But if it works and it's super cheap! why not??? yay for good fine! can't wait to see the photos :)

nikkiz. said...

You can always cut it to a smaller size. I've done it before to a brush I got from Beauty Bar. I just filed the end so it won't be rough and sharp and applied a clear nail polish parang varnish.

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki- haha yah it is very long! I'll be posting the pics soon..I can't still get a hold on my bro hehe :)

Nikki - i thought of cutting it too but "nanghihinayang ako" hehe but maybe cutting off a couple of inches won't be too bad..thanx for the tip!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

i've seen those brushes before in national bookstore and i also thought that they'd make good eyeshadow brushes, but yes, the handle kept me from buying one.

Crystal Gale said...

update: I already cut the handle of this brush and it now has the same length with my MAC 217 :)