Friday, March 6, 2009

REVISIT: Venus&Mars Lip balm

I want to start doing "revisits" on majority of the products I tried and reviewed here on my blog..Why? Because there are many products that works very well at first then after some time it stops working for you..I also got this idea from Nikki of Askmewhats when she did all those revisits on the products she bought before..As a reader of her blog, it helped me a lot in deciding whether I will try those products or not..So I also want to do my share of providing honest reviews on the products I have tried in the last few months :)

I'll start with my current HG lip balm..I'm pretty sure you know what it is hehe..You guessed that right! It's Venus&Mars Lip Detox..You can find my initial review here.

I bought this lip balm last November 2008..I have been using this product for the last more or less 4 months..Here's my take on the product now :)

- affordable
- has many product inside the tube..I use this so frequently and I still have some balm until now
- really moisturizes my lips
- healed my chappy, dry lips after 2 weeks of continues use
- very handy..can fit any size of purse and even your pocket
- very cool and minty feel..perfect for summer
- lasting moisturizing effect on the lips (when compared with petroleum based lip products)
- it's ORGANIC!

- not really a permanent treatment ..the dryness of my lips came back after I stopped using this for a few weeks (my dad borrowed it for a while and I used another lip balm)
- has a little weird taste..although this doesn't bother me much

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN? Definitely! this is my HG lip balm of all times..fits all my needs and it exceeded my expectation..I love it to bits! :)

*you can buy this balm at

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Askmewhats said...

wow! HG lip balm!!! that's great you found yours! :) I'm happy to read your revisits too!!!!