Sunday, April 12, 2009

BB Cream Mini Reviews: Skin Food, BRTC and Skin 79

I have been introduced to BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream last year. As most of you know, I'm really always on a look out for good skin care and cosmetic products since I joined the Mineral Makeup bandwagon 3 years ago. And since MMU is very skin-friendly, I also want my other cosmetics to be skin-friendly too. After doing some research, I stumbled upon BB creams. It is said that BB Creams originated from Germany to be used on post-surgery patients to help them heal and conceal at the same time. This concept was popularized by Korea and was/is associated with the flawless looking skin of Korean actors and actresses. Because of this popularity, the love for BB creams spread through out Asia. It is said that prolonged usage of BB creams results in improved skin condition. Many brands have surfaced since that period and it really takes quite some time before you can choose the best match for you. Different brands claim different things but their main target is to make your skin look great "naturally" coz you won't look like you are wearing makeup but your skin will look flawless :)

I have tried Skin Food Aloe BB Cream and BRTC Perfect Recover Balm last year. And here's a short review on them.

Skin Food Aloe BB Cream

What I like:
- available locally
- spreads easily
- has two shades to choose from
- good packaging

What I don't like:
- has a strong scent..I feel like I will breakout because of it.
- no SPF
- doesn't control my oiliness

BRTC Perfect Recover Balm

What I like:
- has a reseller here in the Philippines
- has good coverage (great for concealing marks)
- keeps my oiliness at bay

What I don't like:
- quite pricey
- only has one shade
- has whitish cast sometimes because of the light shade
- a little thick so it's a little hard to spread
- takes a while before it blends out on my skin

After BRTC, I stopped trying out BB creams. It is just only recently when my urge to get and try another brand of BB cream resurfaced. This happened when I tried Skin 79 BB cream from Nikki during her seminar. It feels so light on my skin, spreads easily and doesn't have any strong scent. I did some research and it is a good brand according to reviews. Nikki uses the gold one but when I researched about it, I found out it is not meant for young and oily skin like mine (it is meant for a more mature skin). I was lucky to be able to find their other variant, it is their hot pink one that is meant for my type of skin and so that's what I ordered. It took 3 weeks before my Skin 79 Super Plus BB Cream Triple Function arrived at my hands. Here it is :)

It came with a sample that is meant to be used as a keychain. I will use it after I finished my big one coz it is so cute to be opened now haha :)

According to the information at the back of the bottle and box:
Skin 79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions has:

- Whitening
- UV Rays interception SPF 25 PA++
- Wrinkle Improvement

It has KFDA 3 functions certification
Here's a picture of how it looks like:

It has a slight grayish undertone but it doesn't bother me when blended out.

I placed a lot of product on these pictures to show you the difference of how my skin looks with or without BB cream.

See how flawless and even my skin looks with BB cream on? Cool right? :)

Here's my initial take on Skin 79 Super+ BB Cream:


- made specifically for normal to combination skin
- comes in a pump bottle (so hygienic!)
- it is a big bottle (compared to BRTC and Skin Food BB Cream) = more products!
- Spreads out easily (so I only need to use a small amount of product each time)
- Lightweight on my skin (feels like nothing is on my face)
- has sun protection, anti aging properties and whitening in one
- didn't made me itch even with the hot weather
- makes my skin even and looks glowing
- helps a little with the oiliness ( I look dewy and not gross)
- has a very mild scent (smells like a moisturizer..I love it!)
- has a reseller here in the Philippines (though it takes about 3wks for pre-order)
- affordable for Php1,100 IMO

- shipping takes long (as with other pre-order)
- none!

Will I buy it again? Hmm, I'll tell you after I used this for at least one month. If this won't make me break out, then I'll say YES! hehe :)

Here are some pictures of me wearing Skin 79 BB cream alone. I'm wearing jackets and scarf because it was very cold at Mt. Pulag (around 8-10 degrees) especially at night.

My skin did look flawless with this..I really am crossing my fingers that this won't break me out and it will help heal my post acne marks..wish me luck! :)



herroyalbleakness said...

Hi Gale! it looks great on you and you look great in it! LOLz.

Question, though: have you tried it here in Manila? where it's not anywhere near cool? im scouting for the best BB cream for our humid weather and I can't find one! SF aloe does not provide good oil control IMO. so does VOV and TFS. the only BB cream i liked was elianto's (the one with the lower SPF. yung SPF 42 ay bagsak din for me, in terms of oil control)

**sigh** anywho, on those FOTD's, did you top the bb cream with any MMU's? nga pala, wala pa yung URFP's natin...

and if you have time, i hope you can add me to your bloglist, too!

herroyalbleakness said...

the Beblesh cream says "wrinkle free"

wala lang, natawa talaga ko dun.

ano tayo? kumot? damit? tela? teeeheee.

i suddenly remembered my korean statios which had funny "quotes"

Askmewhats said...

Hey Crystal, I'm glad you were able to make a decision and buy yourself this one :) I'm glad it works for you and gosh, your skin is glowy :) Wonderful !!!

Crystal Gale said...

Argie - Thank you! Hmm, I tried it yesterday but I topped it with MMU unlike when I'm in the mountain wherein I just used the BB cream alone..I'll try it for 2 more days and decide if it can help with the oilies..I'm not going to top it with MMU this time for better comparison :)

Sure! I'll add you up..By the way, I also laughed when I read the english translations on the box hehe :)

Nikki - thanx for letting me try your Skin79 BB Cream! that really sold me into buying my own haha :)

DeBi said...

there's a local reseller? who? but, it's for whitening...sigh. i don't want to lighten my color cause im teaching swimming this summer...meron bang hindi for whitening? lol

Crystal said...

update us sis!

fuzkittie said...

Great review~

Crystal Gale said...

DeBi - i got it from a pre-order in multiply..I think you can find many sellers of BB creams on can also find many brands that has no whitening effects too,,so far, I think Skin Food Aloe and BRTC perfect recover has no whitening properties though I'm not 100% sure :)

Crystal - Sure sis! I'll update you all..maybe in a month? hehe :)

Fuz - Thanx! I love your review on LG BB cream too! Now, I want to try that brand too hehe :)

Anonymous said...

hello! i was researching on this product and i stumbled upon your blog. nice one! so how was the product? did you re order? he he thanks

asiateoh said...

hey dear...i just browse through google to find some info about skin79 bb cream and i just found your offend but when i saw the pics of your bb cream posted, there's a website '' printed at the back of the bottle right?? now there's alot of imitation in the market...according to the source i found online, the genuine bb cream should not have the web site printed on the bottle...i'm not sure whether it's old packaging or's one of the website which teach us how to differentiate you can try to browse through and identify ur offence ya...i hope the bb cream that you bought is original of course... ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

Asiateoh - Thanks for dropping by my site. Hmm, really? I did not know that there are imitations of Skin79 bb creams. Thanks for the link. I will definitely check it out. I got my BB cream from Korea so I think it's genuine though :)

Who is Alyssa? said...

great review :D you sold me on this one. Your pictures look great btw, very natural compared to what my face looks like with my Etude sheer silky bb cream on. I look terminally ill on pictures -_- So anyway, do you still remember where you ordered this from? I understand there are a lot of sellers with fake ones these days, I'd like to avoid them.

Who is Alyssa? said...

great review :D you sold me on this one. Your pictures look great btw, very natural compared to what my face looks like with my Etude sheer silky bb cream on. I look terminally ill on pictures -_- So anyway, do you still remember where you ordered this from? I understand there are a lot of sellers with fake ones these days, I'd like to avoid them.

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Alyssa! I did a final review on this product. You can check that post in this link

I can't remember where I got my Skin79 BB cream but I only get from these two sellers that I trust: