Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Venus & Mars haul + Embodyment lip butter (Initial Review)

Sorry if I was not able to post these last few days..I went mountain climbing again with my family this Holy Week :)

Anyways, I already got my Venus & Mars package last week. It came in this packaging. Very "earthy" hehe :)

I got myself the Summer Package #6 of Venus & Mars. It contains Bare It All Emu Cream, Vanilla Spa Milk Salt, CPC+G and Lulur Soap. I also got another tube of their emu oil lip balm coz I used up my first tube already. And since I bought this from a reseller (she lives near my house!), I also got Embodyment lip butter from her. And like with all my organic stuffs, I will give these products at least 2-3 weeks to see if they will work for me or not.

I love the Bare It All Emu Cream! I think this will be a summer staple for me..it keeps my skin cool for around 15 minutes after application..It is also not sticky and absorbs easily into my skin..Since this has no scent (I can't smell anything), my brother doesn't complain so I like that too :)
The Vanilla Spa Milk Salt is very unique in my opinion. It comes in a powder form..it's like a powder milk..the scent is heavenly..I love it very much..I tried it on my body already and it feels like rubbing sugar on my skin..not painful at all! and after I rinse it off with water, my skin feels so smooth and soft..and I smell good too :)

The package also included the CPC+G..it is supposed to be a whitening agent that you will put in any of your creams..you just need to put a few drops (formula: x/30 times 3 or 6) depending on the volume of your cream or lotion and it will become a great whitening cream already..I added this on my Bare It All Emu Cream since I want to even out my skin tone.
I think I've found my favorite organic body soap in V&M's Lulur soap. It is the best I have tried! It's sudsier than others, I can use it directly on my skin, I feel clean afterwards, makes my skin soft and moisturized, I love the ingredients, and the scent is not over powering (though I would like it better if it comes in Vanilla scent too hehe). I hope the effect on my skin after continous use will be great and rewarding :)

This is my first Embodyment product. I was intrigued coz it has tint. I love the tint it gives on my lips. Not that red but not pale. It moisturizes my lips but not as great as my HG lip balm (V&M emu oil lip balm). I'm also not fond of the flavor especially if I accidentally "eat" it when I eat something or lick my lips (one of my mannerism). I'm still thinking if I like this or not hehe :)

Please check out my final review on these products after a couple of weeks. Ciao! :)


Ida said...

i love vnm's javanese lulur soap :) i've only been using it for about 2 weeks but there is already a noticeable difference on my backne, like, wow! the spa milk salt really does smell good...yummy yummy vanilla :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Really?! I've been using it for a couple of days already..I hope I can have great results too! How about in whitening marks? Have you seen some difference? :)

DeBi said...

your lip balm looks delicious. how do you find them?

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi DeBi! I like the color it gives..makes my lips look naturally healthy..the consistency is thin too so easy to spread and be absorbed..but I don't like the flavor..so it keeps me from using it much often :(

Ida said...

Yup! I have nearly no zits on my back now, I swear. All dried out then flattened. But as for whitening marks, I think they've lightened, although at this point only very slightly :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ cool! I'll really continue to use this soap now hehe ..thank you for the review! :)