Monday, April 6, 2009

Colorful EOTDs by CS 88 Original Palette

As I had promised, here are some colorful looks I did using my Coastal Scents 88 original eyeshadow palette. I used Mary Kay Signature concealer in Ivory topped with Ellana Awake concealer, MAC Paintpot in Painterly and I used Aromaleigh Eyeliner sealant to wet my liner colors.

First look is "BLUE" because I am wearing a very bright blue top that day and I was inspired by that :)

"a" - as highlight in the browbone and inner corner
"b" - inner half lid
"c" - Outer half lid and crease
"d" - in the lower lashline
"e" - used to blend the crease area

In the end, I topped the liner (Taylormade e/s in Marsh) with Artdeco eyeshadow in #21 (bronze color) because my dad is looking at me as if I'm crazy..I know the look is SO bright so he was shocked that I'm wearing it to go out LOL :)

Here's my FOTD..Since my eye makeup is so bright already, I opted to go nude on the face.

- Lauress Kick Start Primer in Medium
- DreamWorld foundation mix (Freyja, Nimue, Amenti in Luna + Chang-O in Cloud)
- Ellana Sheer Velvet Powder in White Chocolate
- Ellana Blush in Patience
- Ellana Silk Powder in Raspberry Cappucino

- Venus&Mars Lip detox
- Bare Naturals Liptint in Bellafina

Dreamworld foundations are really smooth and long lasting..this is one of my favorite MMU's very long lasting too! the only sad thing about this brand is the difficulty in finding your shade match in their foundation..This is the reason why I just mix all the samples I got so that I can tstill use them hehe so far so good..Someone from Girltalk suggested I try Theia + Amenti in Luna or straight Theia in Clouds..we are shade twins in other brands so I'll probably give this a try :)
Here's my second look..this time I'm wearing a greenish top so I thought to wear green eyeshadowws..but then I just decided to do a "summer" look so this is what I came up with :)

"a" - as highlighter in browbone and inner canthus
"b" - outer half of the lid and crease
"c" - inner half of the lid and inner corners
"d" - lower lashline
"e" - used to blend the crease

I used my mom's Estee Lauder Projectionist HD Volume Mascara in 01 Black. It didn't weigh down my lashes and it does gave me a little didn't smudged on me too even though it is very hot yesterday. But as with other mascaras, I had a hard time removing it with my Mandom Clansing Sebum..I also used Ellana MPM in Ethereal as a liner (applied dry).

For my face, I decided to have some color too..So I opted to have rosy cheeks and lips to match my fun eyes :)
- Foundation Mix (Lauress + Lumiere + J. lynne + Aubrey Nicole)
- Ellana Sheer Velvet Powder in White Chocolate
- Meow blush in Cat Got Your Tongue
- Dayna's Minerals GLows in Violet Vesper
- Venus&Mars Lip detox
- Bare Naturals Liptint in Bellafina
- Miners Lipgloss

with flash

Even though my foundation is a mixture of my "least used foundations" (colors are off if used alone), the combination of the four brands resulted in a very nice foundation for you can notice, I look so naturally flawless with this because it is not flat matte..It is very light on the face too..but after I used this pot up, I won't be able to buy this again coz that will mean I need to buy from all four brands LOL..I really don't know which brand caused the dewy look :)

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed my colorful looks because I really enjoyed making them..I can't go bolder coz I do wear them out during the day and I don't want people to look at me strangely time I'll "copy" a look from sis Aileen's blog coz she did some pretty cool looks using the CS palette..till next time! Ciao! :)


reynakatarayan said...

it's pretty!!
how i wish im a little fairer so i can use the light colors in my palette (cause it looks like chalk on my tanned skin)lol
on a second thought, i love my color. heheheh

Askmewhats said...

wow..i love it that you played with colors because it looks summery and you look great!!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

go gale! i think it's your first time to post a colorful EOTD! do more!

Crystal Gale said...

reynakatarayan - thank you! go try mixing the light colors with some dark ones..I saw many women of color wearing bright eyeshadows and they look great! :)

nikki - thank you! please do a summer look too! I want to copy hehe :)

Crystal - thanx! Actually this is the 2nd time but my first time to do it, it's kind of on the smoky look..this is the first time I did something so bright! haha I'll try to do more..any colors combination suggestion? :)

Ida said...

i love how you look so fresh, also in the previous blog entry :) the eye colors are pretty and delicate. now i want my own white eye pencil :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanx Ida! I think white eye pencil is a must if you want to have "fresh" looking eyes :)