Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Everyday Look

Okay, you probably have noticed that I'm not posting FOTD/EOTD for a long time already..this is because my look everyday is the same..I'm not allowed to wear bright colored makeup and also I have no urge to wear colorful eyeshadows..sad but look is so boring lately..I'll probably try doing something fun this weekend..hmmm :)

So here's my everyday look whenever I go to work :)

- Ellana Sheer Velvet Primer in White Chocolate
- Meow Frisky Abyssinian in Pampered Puss Formulation
- Joppa Finishing Powder in Rosey
- Ellana blush in Patience
- Dayna's Minerals Glow in Violet Vesper

- Venus & Mars Lip Detox
- Bare Naturals Lip tint in Bellafina

- Mary Kay Signature Concealer in Ivory
- Ellana Concealer in Awake
- MAC e/s in Unorthodox
- MAC e/s in Relaxing
- Clarins Eyeliner pencil in Parme-Soft Plum
- The Face Shop Eyeliner Pencil in White

If I'm in the mood or I have a lot of time, I use Ellana MPM in Ethereal appliet wet to line my upper lash line..but since I'm bored with my look, I just used a colored liner instead :)

FYI, I didn't use any base for my MAC shadows and they still lasted me 12 hours! Even the Clarins eyeliner pencil stayed put..although they are not thta vibrant anymore, you can still see the colors at the end of the right? :)

Here's a shot of me wearing my white uniform..I really missed wearing white! I love being a nurse...the only thing I don't like about it is the ease of finding work in a hospital and of course the local compensation..but anyways, still love my profession..Ciao! :)


Askmewhats said...

awww sis! your skin drastically improves! Wonderful everyday look!

fuzkittie said...

Aw you're sooo cute!!! Love your smile

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

buti ka pa naglalast ang mga eye makeup mo without base. :( i really need a base for my eye makeup.

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - Thank you! :)

Fuzkittie - Thank you! I like yours too! :)

Crystal - I just actually used my concealer on my lid then brushed some Ellana Sheer Velvet powder before putting my eyeshadow..maybe you can try that lessens the oiliness so it lessens the creasing :)