Thursday, May 14, 2009

Venus&Mars New Vegan Brush Set

First, I will fulfill my promise of telling you all about what I have decided about my makeup hobby. Actually, what I'm going to tell you all is not new. I've had this feeling before... It even started from the beginning of my love for makeup. What's that? I always have a phase. I tend to like one particular product at a time then I will end up hoarding from different brands and before I can finish them all, my "love" for those products will evaporate and will change into something else. I started with lippies then blushes then mineral makeup then japanese products then came back to MMU then brushes, then foundations, concealers and last is eyeshadows. Now, my "hoarding signal" is telling me to focus on skin care. This is the reason why I'm not posting FOTDs and EOTDs lately..I don't have the urge to apply makeup..I don't even touch my newly purchased 88 coastal scents palette..which is kinda sad coz I have used it for 10x max and not all colors are used only 15 shades (I think). This is why I'm selling this palette together with my MAC pigment samples (that I rarely used too) in GT coz I don't want them to just sit in my traincase until they expire..So if anyone of you want to buy my slightly used eyeshadows, just leave me a comment here or in my Chatbox..I just want these babies to go to someone who will appreciate them :)


Now for the good news! Jamie (the owner of Venus & Mars) texted me yesterday that her new brushes are here at last! I'm so excited to see the pictures of these brushes..They look gorgeous! It is the first ever anti-bacterial brushes available locally (by a Filipino company) . Since these are vegan brushes, it means no animal cruelty, no shedding and no bad smell plus the hair will surely be super soft because it is one of the highest quality synthetic hairs available..For more info on these babies, visit the V&M site :)

I grabbed some photos from the site to show you guys what they look like..Check them out! I'm really lemming to have this set soon :)

It also comes with a pretty black pouch.

The pouch has a separate compartment for your makeups! This means, your brushes will be safe from dirt and you just need to bring one small pouch to carry all your essential brushes and makeup when you cool is that? Just right for girls that are on-the-go like me :)

I really hope I can save up enough money to be able to buy this thru their pre-buy sale..They just look so soft and sturdy..What about you? Do you want this brush set too? What are your to buy list for this month? Share them here! :)
Thanks for dropping by..Sayonara! Till my next post :)


Ida said...

i know what you mean about going through those product phases! haha. right now my focus is on hoarding skincare products too! but gosh i'm also attracted to brushes, and want the v&m set as well...can't afford it right now though. as soon as my no-buy ends my to buy list will consist of these, fyrinnae products, and monave liquid and cream foundie! :)

Pammy said...

Hi Gale! I went through that phase too- with mmu. And that's exactly the reason why I never purchased any coastal scents palette. The brushes are so tempting but I will wait for reviews. and just like sis Ida, I'm on a no-buy mode, but for brushes only. ^_^

Chrissy said...

I also go through phases. I think it's part of life! Haha. But I keep stuff because I know I'll go back to it soon anyway.

What MAC pigment samples are you selling?

Soapaholic said...

I know what you mean about the phases!! I go through those too, except mine are uber-short phases hehe I just keep jumping from one product to the next. But the one thing I've always been addicted to is skin care.:D I wish I didn't have to be constantly in the hunt for skin care products to have nice skin but I'm not blessed with naturally flawless skin.:( So.. hoarding is the next best thing, hahaha.:P

purplesilke said...

how much is the coastal scent palette sis?

DeBi said...

why is it everybody is going through all these?? I thought im the only one feeling
I'm still normal pa pala...lolz

iambeautiful20 said...

these are really cool brushes. I need a new set to use when i do other people's makeup.

Askmewhats said...

great looking brushes! i love it when the handle is really pretty and of course, earth friendly :)

Nesz Reyes said...

i've been thru that phase din.. hehehe! right now, i'm into BB creams.. next might be lippies.. arrggg! but it's exciting!

Crystal Gale said...

Ida- wow! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one undergoing this is only now that it bothered me hehe..when will your no-buy ends? :)

Pammy - yeah..with MMU it is a good idea to undergo this phase..I did that a couple of times too (in the past) coz you will not stop buying from different brands..I guess I should wait for a review too on the brushes :)

Chrissy - in my case, I don't get back to them..once the phase is over, I'll probably have a small chance of liking to use them again in the future hehe..I'm selling your ladyship, blue brown, jardin aires and gold stroke pigments..I bought 1/8tsp samples of these then when I tried it, I decided that I love MUFE pigments better :)

Soapaholic - I too! I can't stop coming back to skin care phase coz I'm not blessed with clear skin too..I guess as long as we are alive will continue to hunt for great products to make us feel beautiful :)

Purplesilke - Hi! I'm selling it for P800 only..I just swatched e few of the colors then used the others 3-4x only..but all the tried colors won't exceed 20 shades so there's still a lot of brandnew cones on the palette :)

DeBi - I know what you mean! I also thought I'm the only one undergoing this phase hehe :)

Crystal Gale said...

iambeautiful20 - they look so stylish too..I think it would be great for those instant gigs coz you can just always carry this around :)

Nikki - I agree! those are the things that attracted me to them..aside form the fact that I prefer the softness of synthetic brushes..being eco and animal friendly is a huge plus for me :)

Nesz - I'm going into the phase of Bb creams now..but I'm still controlling it..coz I know I'll breakout if I don't be careful :)