Saturday, June 20, 2009

How I apply MY makeup

Hi guys! I've been so tired these last few days coz we've been general cleaning my room. The windows in my room are renovated so we need to move out all our stuff (all our drawers are in my room coz our house lacks storage area haha) and now that the new windows are installed, we are having a hard time putting everything back! haha we have so many stuff so I talked my mom out of donating all the clothes that we are not using...We are still not done so wish me luck!

I am loving my new windows! it provides perfect lighting for my makeup room now is brighter :)

Now let's go to the main point of my of my readers requested me to show how I apply my makeup..she said she likes my looks..I'm always flattered whenever someone compliments me that my makeup looks good and since she's the first one to request me for this one, I'm dedicating this to her..I hope this will help :)

1. After my skin care routine I apply my sunblock or BB cream with sun protection. I use my clean fingers in the application coz it is easier for me to control how much product I use and where to apply. Wait for a couple of minutes for your sunblock to be absorbed.

Don't forget to moisturize your undereyes and lips too prior to everything. This way, your skin will have enough time to absorb your skin care products before you put all your makeup.

2. I then apply my concealer. I put a small amount of product on the back of my non-dominant hand and use my ring finger of my dominant hand to put some products on my undereye area. I do this to conserve my concealer and to not contaminate the tube.

I then blend the dots using light tapping movements..I use my ring finger because it gives the least pressure among all my fingers. This is important in preventing premature wrinkles on our eye area :)

Repeat this step until you achieve your desired coverage. Just remember to use small amount of product per layer as to prevent it from creasing. Then set this with a loose powder (I use a fluffy concealer brush for this). I love using Ellana Awake concealer or Bare Escentuals Well Rested concealer coz these two can give my undereyes added brightness so I look fresh.

3. Apply your eyeshadow base. I love using an eyeshadow base because it not only makes my eyeshadows stay put during the day but also makes the colors more vibrant so I use less product each application. I use MAC Paintpot in Painterly but I want to buy UDPP or Smashbox Photo-op eyeshadow base. I love untinted or neutral bases coz I can use them for any color of eyeshadows :)

You can use a fluffly brush like MAC 217 in applying this but I prefer using my ring finger coz it's easier hehe :)
4. You can now apply your eye makeup! For this step, everyone has their own technique.
This is my technique regardless of colors I use. I prefer this because it is very simple and easy to follow :)

I use whites or the lightest shade of eyeshadows for my highlighting. You just use a fluffy brush like ELF e/s brush in putting color on your browbone. Then apply your mid tone shades or any color you want on the inner half of your lids using any flat shader brush you like. Then apply your darkest color on the outer half and V of your lids using a crease brush.Don't forget to blend!blend! blend! I love my MAC 217 brush for this purpose..It is super easy to blend using this brush.

I then put black or dark brown eyeliner on my upper lashline using my angled eyeliner brush. Curl my lashes and sometimes apply one coat of mascara. Lately, I use my contour brush from Ellana for applying some color on my lower lashline and white shadow in the inner corners of my eyes. I also apply white eyeliner on my waterline for that awake look :)

I always do my eyemakeup first before doing my whole face. This way, it is easier to clean up the fallouts from my eyeshadows. I don't need to worry about dfestroying my whole face makeup too :)

You are probably aware that I'm an MMU enthusiast so I only use mineral makeup for my face. I already posted an MMU tutorial before so I won't repeat it again..It is very detailed and has step-by-step on how I apply my MMU everyday :)

my personal MMU application

After applying your foundation, finishing powder and blush..apply your lipstick or liptint to your already moisturized lips..Remember we applied lipbalm before we started the whole makeup application? well this is the reason why. It is better to apply your lip colors to a well moisturized lips to prevent any cracking and dryness because lipsticks tends to dry your lips. If you apply lipbalm just prior to your lip color, your lipstick will probably disappear sooner coz it will just slide off.

Here's my FOTD/EOTD yesterday..I tried doing a neutral look with a cat-eye effect..I'm not used in making winged eyeliner so I want to practice and practice hehe :)

- Mary Kay Signature concealer in Ivory (undereyes) topped with
- Ellana Awake concealer
- MAC Paintpot in Painterly
- Twisted Fayte Breathe Deeply e/s (applied dry all over lid)
- MAC unorthodoz e/s (as highlight)
- La pensee dark brown e/s (for crease)
- Ellana Ethereal e/s (foiled as eyeliner)
- The Face Shop white eyeliner (on waterline)
- Clinique high impact mascara in Black

- Ellana Sheer Velvet Primer in White Chocolate
- Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 & Vely (50-50 mix)
- Aromaleigh URFP in Peaches & Cream
- Ellana Finishing Powder in Pumpkin Pie (transluscent)
- Meow firefly blush in Radiance

- Venus & Mars Emu lip balm
- Lancome lipstick (it came from Japan so I don't know the shade hehe)
- Clarins color quench lip balm in 00

I hope this helps! Till next time!


Crystal said...

thanks for showing this gale! so natural! i wanna try the new ellana products na.

mszcheysser said...

:) Wow! I like the look, very natural and clean.

Askmewhats said...

wonderful tutorial and great final look! SiS I am really happy for you!!! You are hiyang with your derma talaga! YAY for clearer skin!!! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal - you should try their finishing powders and glows..way cheaper than other brands but works the same :)

mszcheysser - Thank you! :)

Nikki - Thank you sis! yeah, I'm so happy to have foundd her..I don't need concealers to conceal my marks na..they are fading away on their own! haha :)

Phoebe said...

You look gorgeous & glowing in the last two photos! :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Thank you Phoebe! :)

Pammy said...

You look so fresh and glowing on that fotd. I wonder if it's because you're no longer with ttsi. hehe. ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

^ haha most probably not sis..matagal na ako umalis dun..3 months na :)