Friday, June 26, 2009

My New Favorite Desserts + Update

Hello guys! How's your week? I hope everything is doing very well for you coz mine is :) If you are a student, congratulations! You're probably so relaxed now because of the 2 days no-classes because of the "signal #2 storm" :P

For this post, I just want to share my new luves! I'm pretty sure that I've already mentioned before how I love sweets. I've been having cravings for pastries lately because I'm already feeling exhausted from working almost everyday and whenever I'm down, I need to eat something sweet to make me feel a little better. So when Me and my bf went to go outing early this month during our day off, I bought many sweet foods! I'm lucky that my bf loves sweets as much as I do so I had no problem that all the food I brought with me (I'm the one incharge for bringing foods) was all pastries lol. My favorite supplier for my cravings is my friend Miren (who has a small pastry business called Dessert Express). All her creations fit my taste buds perfectly. I also love the fact that for the price, I get products with scrumptious amount of ingredients..definitely no scrimping! So I know that I really get the value for my money plus the fact that I always get them fresh and hot from the oven..She always bakes her goodies the night before she need to deliver them..isn't that nice? :)

I borrowed some pictures from her site of the ones I ordered..I was unable to take some actual photos of them coz when my bf saw them, he already asked me if we can eat them already haha (take note that we are still on the way to the resort!) Anyways, we wanted to try something new from Miren so I got us (or rather me hehe) a box of Dulce De Leche, Fudgey Merengue Cookies and Belgian Chocolate Mousse (Which I was unable to bring because it will melt so I ate it with my sister at home) which we haven't tried yet. Here are my reviews on them.

What it says on her site: "Chewy chocolatey with dulce de leche bottom and now with dulce de leche on top too! Made with bittersweet chocolate blocks and Belgian baking chocolate powder. It's one big yummy mess! Eat it with a fork ...just like cake =D"

Price: Php 400/box of 15

My Final Verdict: 5/5. I really can't think of something not to like about this treat hehe..I think I like this better than the Revel Bars. Actually, this is the first time I ordered this from her so I didn't really know what to expect but after eating everything, I can now conclude that if you love eating "yema" (a sweet treat made from condensed milk), then you'll definitely love this! It is the perfect combination of gooey and sweetness..This is love! :)


What it says on her site: "Light outside and fudgey inside."

Price: Php 180/box of 24 bite size cookies (if I'm not mistaken hehe)

My Final Verdict: 4/5. I love the taste so much because it is not too sweet and everytime I take a bite, I can really taste the fudgey chocolate inside. The only thing I don't like (or maybe disappointed is the right word) is the is so small..just the size of an Oreo cookie. Anyways, since they are plenty(24pcs per order), I guess this is made this way so that it can maintain the fudgey inside even after baking..I just really wish it came big because it taste so good! haha :)


What the site says: "Savor the richness of moist chocolate cake, Belgian chocolate mousse and sweetened whipped cream with this delicious indulgence. It’s simply heaven on your tastebuds!" 

Price: Box of 10 cups: P450 / 8-inch cake: P580

Tip: Must be frozen or at least refrigerated because it can easily melt in our weather. I'm so happy that I ordered the one in cups because when it melted during the travel the shape remained intact and when i reached home, I just placed it on our refrigerator to cool it again. Very easy to fix the melted status unlike when you get the cake form which has a higher tendency to melt and it won't look that nice anymore (this is based form my experience with Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse cake that we always order).

My Final Verdict: 5/5. This is heaven! I love the fact that it is not so sweet so I can eat a lot. The cups is the perfect size for one serving and this helps to make sure everyone gets the same amount of everything. I like it better than Red Ribbon actually hehe. I can now conclude that my favorite Dessert Express goodies is this cake! Yummy! :)

Where you can get these heavenly goodies:

What about you? Where do you get your favorite desserts? Please share them to me coz I really love sweets! Till next time! :)


twinsouls888 said...

hello gale, i saw your new post on my blogger dashboard & the pictures are so yummy, I can't help but visit your site ASAP ^_^, My plans of making a new post will have to wait ^_^. I just love desserts , I have plans of becoming a pastry chef lol.Tnx for this post, really nice :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi! thanx for dropping by my blog :)

I want to be able to cook cakes and cookies too..But I might need to wait before I can achieve that goal coz I need to start looking for work first haha :)

twinsouls888 said...

hi gale, I've read your question just now hehe bout the best hairstyle for a round face coz I have a round face too ^_^. My dream hair is that of Kris Aquino, that hair but longer. It should be at least shoulder level, front hair is longer than the back. I'll be making a post about it actually. I'll inform you if I'm done with the post yay ^_^

Goodluck with your job hunting, just pray & ask for guidance from HIM. ^^

mitch said...

yumyum ^_^ such a refreshing post. This is really a-must during outings or dates. Hope you enjoyed it ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

twinsoul888 - thank you! saw your post! by the way, I was able to sport that cut too (shorter on the back then longer in front) only problem with it was that it sometimes made my face more round haha maybe because my cut was chin length :)

Mitch - thanx! you should try them too..very delicious :)