Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review: Ellana Crease & Contour Eye brushes

Hi guys! It's my off today yey!!! this is why I'm so excited to wake up..I want to blog and read blogs haha :)

I decided to do a review today of my two Ellana eye brushes..I've have these two for 2 months (?) already and I've used them frequently. Here's my take of them individually.


The good thing:
- soft..doesn't hurt and irritate my eyes
- doesn't shed..i've washed this a couple of times already and it has not shed even one hair!
- puts color precisely on the crease..perfect for those who love to create defined eye makeup
- easily available locally
- very affordable at Php200
- animal-cruelty free coz it is synthetic

The bad thing:
- takes too long to dry
- it did not became fluffy again even if I waited for it to dry completely for days
- I had a hard time using it for blending eyeshadows hehe or maybe I just don't know how to use it properly.

Over-all Rating: 3/5

Will I buy it again? hmm probably not. I don't think I need at least 2 crease brushes..and I love my MAC 217 better for applying crease colors :)


The good thing:
- soft..doesn't irritate my eyes
- doesn't shed
- perfect size of the tip for my eyes! I can easily put precise colors on my inner and outer corners and also my upper and lower lashlines
- easy to use for blending colors
- I have great control in applying
- easily available locally
- very affordable at Php200
- animal-cruelty free coz it is synthetic

The bad thing:
- nada! I can't think of any bad stuff about it haha I love it too much! :)

Over-all Rating: 5/5

Will I buy it again? Yes! If I needed another pencil brush, I'll probably get this..but for now, I'm very satisfied with it :)

Here's a comparison with my MAC 217 so that you have an idea on it's size :)
If you have small eyes or are looking for a good pencil brush for applying colors on your lashlines and corners of the eyes, then I suggest you get one Ellana Contour eye brush..very easy to use and very versatile..so it is really worth it for your 200 bucks :)

What about you? What is your favorite eye brush? Share them here! Sayonara! :)


Askmewhats said...

My favorite eye brush is my MAC217 :) I think ..for now! hehehe

Ida said...

enjoy your off-work day! :)
nice reviews...i have the crease brush myself but don't know how to use it, heehee.
and thanks for doing the tag, it's a fun tag no? i like how you have a jar of candies there :)

Chrissy said...

Sis thank you for the review!! I definitely will get the contour brush from Ellana now. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - I like my MAC 217 too! It would be perfect for me if not for the fact that mine became scratchy because of the flyaways :(

Ida - thanx! yeah i liked the tag hehe I have a sweet tooth so even in my bag I always have candies :)

Chrissy - No problem! I hope you'll like the brush as much as I do :)

Crystal said...

i've been eyeing this contour brush na for a long time! nice to see that it's good.

Crystal Gale said...

^ try it sis! It's really perfect for detailing and the size is great for small eyes too :)