Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Face Shop Haul

Good morning guys! It's such a great morning coz it's sunny! yehey! I really love cool but sunny days. I hate rainy season coz it's so gloomy. Anyways, I hauled a little yesterday from The Face Shop. I'm pretty sure you have seen their posters about their clean face line (for acne prone skin) whenever you pass by their stores. Well, I was unable to stop myself from dropping by yesterday and I ended up buying their Acne Solution Foam Cleanser (since I need a cleanser in a tube..I think it's more hygienic) and nail polish remover in bubblegum.

Here's my haul picture :)

The Clean Face White - Acne Solution Foam Cleanser. I have only tried it 2x (last night and this morning). Here's my initial review:

- it comes in a tube that is very easy to squeeze..I can control the amount of product to be dispensed
- price is affordable - Php645 for a 150ml tube
- scent is mild..I like it :)
- not harsh on the skin and nose even if I had used a lot of product
- lathers very well so it is easy for me to massage my whole face..actually, I have not spent this long in washing my face feels great!
- has a whitening effect so I'm hoping it can help with evening my skintone too

- makes my skin squeeky clean

Tip: Use a very small amount (pea size) only.

I think I need a good moisturizer to counteract the too clean feel hehe I don't really like to have dry skin in the future coz it will make my skin prone to wrinkles. Any suggestions? I think my Celeteque moisturizer is too light for a night moisturizer :)

I also bought a nail polish remover. I don't like using acetone anymore coz it's so drying and easy to evaporate haha..this cost P95 for a 100ml bottle. I think it is a good buy considering you only need a small amount for removing nail polishes and it also conditions your nails at the same time. And the bubblegum scent comes in a blue color solution..and I love blue haha :)
And since I bought an item from their Clean Face White line, I got a free mirror..It's so cute! I'm just sad coz I got a defective one, it has a scratch on the rim but I did not exchanged it anymore coz it's a freebie anyway haha and the mirror itself is not damaged so I guess it's okay :)
I'll post a feedback once I've used this for a month already..i hope I can see a difference. I'm breaking out on my forehead lately. I'm not sure if it's due to lack of sleep, stress, pollution (from travelling via jeepneys) or because I'm nearing my monthly visit. Anyways, I'm still crossing my fingers ^_^
Till next time! Bye :)


Askmewhats said...

I love the Face Shop's acetone too! and they smell good!

nikkiz. said...

I'm loyal to TFS nail polish remover. I always get the strawberry (pink) one because every time I buy a bottle there is no available bubblegum!

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - i agree! ^_^

Nikkiz - haha try going to trinoma branch, they always have stocks :)

Crystal said...

you know what, i've been eyeing that NP remover for a long time but i can't bring myself to buy a 95-peso NP remover. and what do you mean you need to even your skintone? it's even kaya!

Crystal Gale said...

^ haha thanx for the compliment Crystal..what I meant was my marks..I still have some on the cheeks eh :)

do you want to try their NP remover? pag nagkita tayo bigyan kita..just bring a container :)

ning * star said...

i like the nail polish remover... mine is blue color too...

Crystal Gale said...

^ cool! I can't wait to use this :)

laiza said...

sis gale, why did you switch to TFS facial wash? di na yung soap from Dra. MAnuel gamit mo?

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi laiza! it's just a personal preference sis. I like facial cleansers that comes in tubes or bottles. It's more convenient for me hehe..I like the effect of Dra. Manuel's soap but it's in bar form so I chose to switch :)

babysaffron said...

Hi....Waiting for your reviews regarding the TFS facial wash.... i saw it also...kaya lang, i bought other brand.

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi babysaffron! thanx for dropping by..I'll update you guys after afew far, I have not seen any improvements yet on my skin and I want to give it a month to see if there will be any improvements at all hehe :)