Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Date Makeup

Hi guys! First, I want to update you all that I have many time to blog already..yipee! Why? coz my training is finished now haha :)

Because I have been so stressed and tired these past months, the idea of having a new refreshed look enticed me so I had a haircut yesterday (check out my post about it here) with my sister..then today, I went out for a date with O ("O" is my nickname for my bf..short for Oscar haha). We went to the mall, watched a movie (Harry Potter) and dined in a Japanese restaurant (Tempura) then we went to his place to play with his very cute niece (who is also my goddaughter hehe) :)

Here's how I looked today..I tried keeping it very simple but still fun..so I just applied a purple eyeshadow all over my lid and use a warm neutral shade to contour. I also placed purple liner over my black eyeliner to give my eyes a pop of color..perfect for dates during daytime or even for school :)


- Skin 79 Super+ BB cream (hot pink)
- Aromaleigh URFP in Peaches and Cream
- Lumiere blush in Ditto O


- Mary Kay Signature concealer in Ivory

- MAC Paintpot in Painterly

- Coastal Scents 88 original/matte e/s pallete

- Clarins pencil eyeliner in purple

- Ellana MPM in Ethereal

- Estee Lauder black mascara

And for my lips, I chose to use a very pretty nude color..This is my current favorite among all the lipsticks I have..it is very non drying and already has some shine so I don't need to put lipgloss on top anymore :)

Here's some picture with O and Tatiana :)

Can this pass as a family picture? haha I think Tanya is too fair for us..my bf is tanned (he loves getting a tan while playing tennis) while I'm naturally fair (because of my Chinese bloodline) but I don't think I can produce a child as fair as her haha..Tanya is half Russian so she looks like a foreigner :) (for more pictures of us, check them out here)

Thanks for dropping by! Till next time :)


Askmewhats said...

wonderful date makeup you look fresh! and hey! you can pass up as happy family :) may adoption naman hehehe

Crystal Gale said...

^ haha! My bf said before that he looks like a kidnapper whenever he's taking care of his niece lol...thanx for the compliment Nikki :)

Pammy said...

The lipstick is so pretty and you look so happy and blooming. ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanks Pammy! the color looks great noh? :)

Kong Ching Ing said...

The lipstick colour is so pretty nice