Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My new hair cut

I had a new haircut! I did not had it cut very short this time..I like to look girly and young haha..anyways, I had it cut in Piandre Salon (Trinoma Branch) by Gabby (FYI, he's a straight guy). He's very good and precise and he taught me how to properly dry my hair with the use of an electric fan instead of a blow dryer too..I fell in love with my hair after I saw the result coz I just told him I want to keep the length but I want some added volume and style plus I want to sport bangs. And this is the result! Very pretty noh? I've been eyeing this hairstyle for months but now is the only time I had the courage to really do it haha..I'll definitely coming back to him for my next haircut :)
I'm really loving my Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner coz my hair is so soft and easy to manage now..Even without blowdrying my hair still looks like this (check my next post for pictures) :)

Oh by the way, my mom bought me a pair of black cotton pants from EssenXia. They're very comfortable to wear. The fit and length is perfect for my shape so I really love wearing it :)

Here's a close-up on the details :)

Till next time! Bye! :)


twinsouls888 said...

I like the hair, it looks good on you. Longer in front, shorter in the back, very nice ^_^

nikkiz. said...

Very nice! What's the proper way of drying hair in front of the fan?

Anonymous said...

side-swept bangs, sexy.

Askmewhats said...

I seriously love your new 'do!!! it looks so pretty on you!!!

Crystal Gale said...

Ems - thanx! :)

Nikkiz - thanx! He told me to divide my hair at the back and then sit in front of a fan (your back on the fan) then comb your hair forward with your fingers..this way, you're styling it while drying :)

Jing - thanx! I'm glad having bangs suited me haha :)

Nikki - thank you! that's so sweet :)

claudia therese said...

Haha it was your 'do on the previous post that caught my attention! i was meaning to ask you if you have anything done with your hair lately, and surprise, you have it already answered! I usually have my hair done at Piandre Salon in Greenbelt or Benchfix. Good to know there is Piandre in trinoma. FYI, Piandre is very good when it comes to perming (big curls). You may want to try it next time. :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Hi Claudia! haha the style is noticeable noh? really? I want to try having big curls..do you think it will work for me? :)