Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random haul ^_^

Hello everyone! Me and my mom did some bonding today after finishing our chores (washing clothes and cleaning). We went to Trinoma to buy a steam iron (she said she likes one just like that of my aunt hehe) but we ended up buying something else lol ^_^

We took advantage of the bra sale in La Senza. Actually, I'm quite sad because I don't have that many choices..majority of the sizes available are big sizes (for me anyways)..I have a small bust so it took me a long time to find a good pair that will fit and my mom ended up with 3 pairs all in for me, for my mom and for my sister..Mine cost Php795 from Php1,695 while the other 2 pairs are only Php1,295 (they cost Php1,300 each if bought individually)..I think we got a good deal! I'm just annoyed with myself coz I left my Bench card at home so I can't put this purchase there.
We also went to Japan Home Center/Daiso where everything is sold for Php88 (Php66 for Daiso items). We bought some plastic cover for clothes, some office supplies and a tie for my brother and a very unique cleaning slipper for me hehe..check it out! I was so attracted by it that I asked my mom to get me one haha :)
It's a slipper and rug in one! how cute is that? I can easily clean and shine our floor by simply walking around the house..I'm so lazy so this is great for me..very convenient..Here's a closeup shot:

What do you think?

Thanks for dropping by! Till my next post. Bye! ^_^


Emily said...

a hahaha i love these:]

hehe >_< id want one of these
would be such a great help for me
when i have to clean the salon

thanks for sharing !

Tamara said...

Funny coincidence! I was looking at the same slippers, tho hello kitty themed on ebay today.. xd!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i saw this at japan home too..its really cute..hehe

but since its made of tatami, i figured that it would be 'hard'..unlike cottons & foams...

but then its dual can we beat that,right?

hope you have a nice sunday,girl

lelila said...

cute slippers haha!

uy I wanna drop by later at La Senza, checked some Marks&Spencer bras on sale yesterday but nothing on my size.

Ida said...

hehe those slippers are so cute :D i love japan home and daiso, it's like i always need something there. you definitely got a good bargain at la senza :)

Crystal Gale said...

Emily - Hi! hehe get one! it is really convenient :)

Tamara - haha that's cool! I would like a hello kitty one too coz it's cuter :)

thiamere - hI! it is not hard..same texture as the mops with the same rag type :)

lelila - thanx! I checked M&S too but I also have no sizes there..yeah, check out La Senza..they still have many styles available..just be cautious on the price..they are mixed in one bin only :)

Ida - agree! whenever I'm there I feel like I need the things they are selling hehe :)

Askmewhats said...

Too bad about the sizes on La Senza, I love their stuffs there and I'm glad we have it down here na :)

Cute yung slippers and rag in one :)

Crystal said...

kami ng sister ko, we love la senza for bras!

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - I'm still lucky to have found something that fits me hehe :)

Crystal - I'm loving them now..the bra is so comfy and soft :)

JoiceyTwentyPTRP said...

i love the slippers!for only 88 pesos? steal! :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Yup! everything in that store is priced P88 or P66 only..cute noh? :)