Monday, August 17, 2009

Skin Diary Update

It's been months since my last skin diary update so I want to make one now to inform you guys what has been happening on my face lately hehe :)

I went to my dermatologist 2 weeks ago for a cleaning and diamond peel because my skin got congested from commuting along EDSA and Quezon Avenue and these place have a very polluted air arrg! Also, I was unable to go visit her for 3-4 months (my bad I know) I was told by my derma that I needed thorough cleaning...after that, I got clear skin again..I'm so lucky that I did not get cystic acne again (only 1-2 on my right cheek because it's the time of the month that time) all over my face. Aside from the small bumps on my forehead, the only problem I had was dry skin and it was taken care of by a good moisturizer my derma whipped for me.

After having clear skin for a week, I am now starting to have small bumps on my forehead again and I just noticed after removing my makeup that I have 1 cystic acne on my right cheek (again)! Now I'm getting worried..I don't know what's causing my skin to breakout..I'm considering the following:

- from using The Face Shop Clean Face White foaming cleanser - but this is a cleanser so I wash it off immediately..also I just use it at night so I''m doubting this is the cause..

- from trying out so many brands of bb creams - maybe my skin got congested from using bb creams derma told me that Korean skin stuffs are not that good..

- from using makeup in general - I'm wearing makeup everyday and since I travel in a polluted area, maybe it mixes with oils and dirt and stays long on my skin so my skin got congested..

- from my shampoo and conditioner - I'm using Shiseido Tsubaki hair care..but I'm not getting pimples elsewhere (e.g. on the back and on the chest) like when I use a certain shampoo before that caused me to breakout..

- from using Mandom makeup remover - I use this almost everyday to remove the dirt and makeup from my can be a cause right? since I use it everyday..i don't know..

- lastly, from touching my face often to check if I'm oily or not - this has a high probability so I'm trying to stop myself from doing this..

Huhu I really don't know..I hope these bumps would stop multiplying already..I'm planning to stop using any kind of makeup on my face starting tomorrow to help my skin breathe and also I'll probably visit my dermatologist within this week to have a cleaning again..I'm really hoping to get my skin back to normal..I want to have clear skin again so I can do FOTDs again...

Can you suggest more stuffs to help me prevent getting more breakouts? All your thoughts will be highly appreciated..thank you! ^_^


Anonymous said...

hi gale:)

i know how hard it is by having skin problems, but continous visit to derma docs could really help.

i still get bumps every now and then although being 30yo LOL! its human nature.

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Jing! hehe I was scolded a little by my derma nga eh because I was unable to go for followup treatments (I was so busy from my training)so i ended up with cingested skin..thanks for the comforting words ^_^

Askmewhats said...

hmm..its really hard to pinpoint with the various products you use..but what you can do is try to remove one product at a time and see if there's any huge improvement. Try to use the least product for now muna.just the basics :) goodluck sis! pollution is bad talaga!

Soapaholic said...

Really, your derma said Korean skin products aren't good? Oh no.x_x I ordered additional BB creams pa naman.

Hay it's so hard talaga to be break out prone! I agree with your plan to stop using makeup first if you can.:) I'm sure you'll still look super pretty anyway!

Crystal said...

gale, if you're trying a lot of new products at one, i suggest that you take out each product one by one and see what is causing the breakouts.

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - thanx! I'll do that..I hate Manila's pollution talaga :(

Soapaholic - thank you! yeah she said the ingredients are not that good..but I'll still ask her again hehe coz I love korean makeup and skin care I can't give up on them haha :)

Crystal - actually, I do give my skin a week before I try something I know which one causes my breakouts but still..I don't know..I'm removing all that I've used lately one by one..thank you :)