Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review: Skin Food Salmon Concealer + Lioele Water Drop BB cream

Hello everyone! I know, I promised to post about my review on the latest haul that I got but I was unable to road test each one thoroughly so I was unable to formulate an in-depth opinion about them. I don't want to give you guys a review that I myself is unsure of whether I like them or not..So I used the Skin Food Salmon Concealer Shade #2 and Lioele WaterDrop BB cream for 2 straight days to test them. I think 2 days is enough for me to know if I'm okay with a face product or not because based on my experience, either I will get new pimples on the 3rd day if my skin don't like the new product or I will itch terribly while I have it on. And of course, you will know immediately if a concealer works good or not. So here's my review ^_^


- I think the shade is perfect for me. It's enough to even out my dark circles without making me look like a reverse racoon
- very creamy. I can skip my eye cream and it will not make my undereyes drier
- very easy to blend because it has a thin consistency
- buildable..you can build up the product little by little until you reach your desired coverage and it still won't cake
- it doesn't settle on my fine lines
- doesn't cake if you accidentally placed too much product
- this will last me a long time because it has many products on the pot..like the size of a MAC Paintpot (which lasted me more than a year)
- affordable if you buy it from Korea (I got mine for less than Php 500..compared to P1k here)

- it is sheer so you need at least 3 layers before you can notice any difference
- you can't put it on top of a very moisturizing eye cream because this will slide off easily
- very expensive if you buy it locally
Over-all RATING: 4.5/5 - I love it!

Will you Re-PURCHASE? Yes! As soon as I finished this up..unless I find something better int he future :)

Can you see the difference? I think my eyes look naturally-dark-circles-free (if there's such a word hehe) instead of has-a-concealer-look..This is the main reason I like this product..I don't look too made-up..and it doesn't give me a reverse raccoon eyes even if I applied a brightening concealer on top.


I got this sample for free so I can test it out. I have very sensittive and acne-prone skin so I easily breakout from any products I use (reagardless if they are organic,natural or traditional)..
- has SPF 27 PA++
- smells good..like a just-took-a-bath smell
- thin consistency so it is easy to blend
- has no grayish tint
- shade looks natural on me..it blends with my skin tone after a couple of minutes
- gives a natural finish..as if your skin is healthy
- lasts 5-6 hours on my oily skin
- did not broke me out

- doesn't help with my oily skin (because it is not meant to control oil)
- I need to blot every 3 hours or so because I feel oily
- it made me itch the whole time I was wearing it especially if it's hot and I'm perspiring

Over-all RATING: 3/5. I like the performance but it makes me oily a lot easier and also made my skin itch.

WIll I purchase this? Probably not. I'm gonna test out another brand of BB cream after this..I'm really thankful that Clau gave me some free samples of bb creams from diferent brands so I can test them out thoroughly.

After blending..see how healthy my skin glow? I love the finish!

Here's a shot of me wearing Lioele Waterdrop BB cream. I just topped it off with Ellana Sheer Velvet to help with controlling the oilies. Then I used Meow Cat got your Toungue blush on my cheeks. Used my neutrals from my Coastal Scents palette and some mascara (Lancome mascara) too. And my Estee Lauder lipstick in Pink Berry topped with Clearagen lip therapy.

I got the Skin Food Salmon concealer and Lioele BB cream from Clau. You might want to check out her online shop here. She sells very affordable Korean brands :)
Thanks for dropping by! Till next time! ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i need to try out the salmon concealer!

looks promising!

Kay said...

awesome review sis.. i've been hearing a lot of good stuff about the SkinFood salmon concealer.. nice to actually see with and without pics.. it looks so natural on u.. hope ill get to try it soon..

Ida said...

you're totally enabling me to buy the skinfood concealer hehe :D it looks so creamy! it's too bad i missed claudia's first pre order, but i bought some of her remaining stocks :D

Askmewhats said...

the Salmon Concealer works well on you! :) Thanks for the review, too bad you have to pile on 3 layers though, but it doesn't look thick, which is great :) wonderful FOTD!

nikkiz. said...

I want the Salmon concealer too! Good thing it's cheaper with Claudia coz it is expensive at the store.

Pammy said...

Yey! I'm glad you like the Salmon Concealer. I might keep mine tuloy. :P

claudia therese said...

waa! i'm so sorry, sis gale.. nangati ka with lioele waterdrop. :( nice pa naman finish niya, looks really really natural on you! di bale, dami pa bb creams sa tabi tabi.. :)

i'll be getting more stocks na of skinfood salmon dark circle concealer cream and powder.. marami yata may gusto eh :)

teeyah. said...

Great review, Gale :)It comes in one shade lang, right? :(

fuzkittie said...

Good reviews! I'm all for natural looking concealers too!

Crystal Gale said...

Thiamere - hehe try it :)

Kay - thank you! yeah, I've been hearing good reviews about it too that's why I decided to get one for myself hehe :)

Ida- get one na haha Claudia is nice and all her items are affordable noh? it makes you want to buy more..wait for her next pre-order na lang..I just wish the exchange rate won't get higher :)

Nikki - Thanks! yeah, that's the only downside..but I'm glad it doesn't cake like with Cinema Secret and StudioFinish concealer :)

Nikkiz - I agree! half the price if you get it from a pre-order :)

Pammy - hehe keep it na..at least you can use it if you want a natural looking makeup..haha BI ako :)

Clau - no worries sis..my skin is really sensitive so either I itch or breakout..I will try the other bb cream you gave me..I hope one of those is okay with my weirdo skin hehe..which one will give the same effect as the Lioele one? I like the glow it gives kasi :)

teeyah - the concealer? I think like with all SF products, it comes in 2 shades :)

Fuz - thanks! Do you have a favorite concealer that looks natural too? :)

nikkiz. said...

Gayle, 2 shades ito diba? Is the one you got the lighter or darker one? Should I get the same shade as yours?

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Nikkiz! Yup! 2 shades sila..I got Shade #2 which I think is the darker one..Hmm..I think #2 is okay for our skintone sis..even Sutil who is fair uses #2..but you can check it in the store too just to be safe :)

♥ mia said...

i'm lemming for this concealer!

jehan said...

hi Crystal i got to your blog thru breathing space... i'm surprised the skin food salmon concealer works for you. that's really good news since skin food products just dont work for me although i really love trying their products. i really break out with every sample i use...

btw i love your mineral make up reviews... you see, i'm just new with mmu and i keep on searching for good reviews..

i'm here in korea but korean cosmetics just don't work for me, haha! i envy my high school student's make up, they're lovely but sadly i couldnt use them since i'm not fair enough and not morena either. so i have to buy imported ones...

i'll definitely come back for more...


Crystal Gale said...

^ hi Jehan! thank you for dropping by my blog :)

Have you tried Laneige? they have great products too and they are getting many raves in the net..hmm, some Skin Food products don't work for me too..maybe because they are scented? I don't know..maybe you could try this concealer too :)

wow! you are lucky that you are in Korea..I love Korean products! although I'm having a hard time looking for a shade match coz I'm not that fair haha ^_^