Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Essential Tools for the Eyes ^_^

Hello everyone! I just want to share my essential tools for my eyes. I noticed lately that even though I have quite a number of brushes, I usually reach for these ones (also I can do any look I want if I only have these). Why essential? because I want to believe that they are the basic tools you should have if you are just starting your makeup collection :)

My number 1 must-have tool is the eyelash curler. I think this is the first tool you should have (unless of course you have naturally curled lashes already hehe) because this can make your eyes look more awake and pretty even without any eye makeup. I think investing in a good quality eyelash curler is a must. I'm not saying that you must buy the most expensive brand available coz not all high end brands are the just need to test it on your own to know which one suits the shape of your eyes better..this will help in preventing you from accidentally pinching your eyelids, pulling out your lashes and unable to properly curl your lashes (leaving you with a checked lashes that doesn't look flattering at all). For example, I have tried both the Shu Uemura and Shiseido eyelash curler but Shu is not meant for my eye shape and so I ended up frequently pinching my eyelids even if I'm careful so I just sold it after a few weeks (even though Shu curler has a huge number of followers)..but the Shieseido one is perfect for me and it gives me a natural curl that is very close to my lashline is very sturdy too. My curler is already 3 y/o and I just need to replace its rubber every after 1 1/2 years. All I'm saying is that, every individual is different and they have different qualification on what works or not for them so it is really up to you on what brand to buy as long as it works great for you then that curler will be the best to have in your kikay kit^_^

For the eyeshadow brushes, I made it into 2 optional sets. One is for those who are just starting and is not that fond of eye makeup and the other set is for those who love to apply eyeshadows.

SET#1 - I can create a decent eye makeup with just these three brushes. I usually bring only these 3 when I travel because they are sufficient enough in creating different looks with ease :)

- Concealer Brush - This is mainly used for applying and setting your concealer. I normally just use this for setting coz I prefer using my ring finger in applying and blending my undereye concealer. I use this brush to put my loose powder concealer on top to set my cream concealer to make it lasts longer.

- Eyeliner Brush - I prefer using an angled eyeliner brush coz I can apply a straighter line faster with this than a pointed one. It can also be used in applying your brow makeup. You might ask why use an eyeliner brush if you can just buy pencil or liquid liners that don't need a separate brush for application. My answer to that is, I like to use my eyeshadows as eyeliners. I have a lot of eyeshadows and if I need a certain color of eyeliner to create a look, I just need to wet my brush and dip it in the shade I need and voila! I have that shade of eyeliner without spending a single centavo :)

- Shading/Blending brush - I love my MAC 217 for this (even though it is a little scratchy) because it is a very versatile brush. I can use it for packing colors on the lid and crease, for blending (we need to blend our eyeshadows or else we will look wierd), for applying highlighter and even applying bases. If I need to choose only one brush to recommend, I'll definitely answer MAC 217 in a heartbeat.

SET # 2 - The 3 basic above + flat shader brush and pencil brush. If you love to create detailed eye makeup and you can splurge a little more, I suggest you get these two additional brushes :)

- flat shader brush - this kind of brush can easily pack colors on your lids. Compared to MAC 217, this eyeshadow brush has a denser hair so more colors can picked by the hairs and easily deposited on your lids.

- pointed pencil brush - this is perfect for putting precise colors on your crease and lashline..especially the inner corners and lower lashline..This brush must be stiff enough to give you control on your application. I sometimes use this to smudge my shadows around the eyes to create a subtle smokey look :)

Brushes featured: MAC 217, Charm angled eyeliner brush, Charm concealer brush, ELF eyeshadow brush, Ellana contour brush

I suggest you invest on good quality brushes too because they will last you a very long time if taken cared for properly. My MAC brush is already more than 1 year old and my Charm brushes are already 3 years old (yup! I got the very first batch haha)..and they all still work the same as when I got them. The brand is not important, it's the quality :)

There you go guys! These are my most essential tools for my eyes. I hope I helped some of you in deciding which brushes to buy first. What about you? What is your most essential tool for our precious eyes? So post them in the comments section..I want to hear from you :)

Till next time! Bye! ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i tried shu uemura before & i freakin love it, but the bad thing is the silicone pad..once you're done with both, i need to throw it away..
such a waste

they don't have pads...

but then the fanny serrano lash curler works for im still happy

i agree with what you said about the brushes..
im planning to buy 217 someday

its a good investment,right?

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

what an awesome post.

my essential toold would be like what you said, eye lash curler is number one. It just makes a lot of difference when i curl my lashes. I can go without makeup on but i have to have my lashes curled :)

second would be my basic eye shader/shadow brush. i can do a look using only that brush which includes depositing the color the blending :)

Pammy said...

This is a helpful post, especially for newbies.

I agree with the eyelash curler and the brushes. But since I don't use eyeshadow, I don't have all the eye brushes. :P

Crystal Gale said...

Thiamere - Shiseido silicone pads are expensive..2pcs costs Php600 locally..geesh..I bought Fanny Serrano pads for the meantime..but it easily breaks..I need to replace the silicone pad every 3 months :(

Good thing FS curler works great for you :)

Yup! MAC 217 is a good investment hehe :)

Becky - thanks! me too! I can go out without any makeup but I will still look good as long as I curled my lashes.. What's your favorite shader brush? I'm still debating if I should get myself a MAC 239 or not ^_^

Pammy - Thanks! I'm pretty sure you have a lot of face brushes instead, right? :)

Chelle said...

Shiseido eyelash curler also works for me better than Shu Uemura, I bought mine at Taiwan at a wet market(yes! palengke!) in a store Jmart where they had it for only NT$150! unbelievable! it's made in taiwan and the packaging isn't as pretty but it's authentic and works great, I compared it with the ones sold locally and the metal of my curler is thicker so I feel I have a heavy duty grip of the tool.

Now I'm just gonna cry coz I'm buying the shiseido rubber pad for P600 when I got the curler for NT$150.

Crystal Gale said...

hi chelle! that's a great bargain! I also got my Shiseido curler cheap from Bangkok..I think around Php600 only..haha the rubber is more expensive than the actual curler :)

Soapaholic said...

Thanks for this! I can't apply eye make-up.:( Haha. It's really one skill I don't think I'll ever learn.X_X This was helpful.:)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi soapaholic! You can learn noh..anything can be learned hehe..why not try getting an eyeshadow duo or trio that has complimentary colors? ^_^

teeyah. said...

Thanks for sharing your list. I barely have the necessities, I usually buy the non-necessities, haha!

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi teeyah! that's long as they work for you :)