Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: Skin Food Agave Cactus Sun BB Cream

Hello everyone! It has been raining continously this past few days and I'm getting gloomy already..I have no urge to do any eye makeup so I always end up with a neutral base and highlighter plus eyeliner only hehe :)

Anyways, I have been trying out my sample of Skin Food Agave Cactus Sun BB cream. I want to share withh you guys what I think about this new bb cream from Skin Food since this is locally available and can easily be bought in malls :)

- has SPF 36 PA +++
- scent is not overpowering like with SkinFood Aloe BB cream
- available locally
- comes in a squeeze tube container
- has good coverage (medium to heavy) = clear looking skin
- no breakouts!
- easy to spread - not too fluidy but not too thick either
- blends in with my skin tone after 30 minutes
- very light on the skin

- a little expensive if bought locally
- has only one shade (?)
- gives a grayish tint upon application
- can sometimes look cakey
- I sometimes look like I have a mask on because it is full coverage
- a little sticky to touch
- can't control oilies - I easily get shiny (maybe after 2-3 hours)
- it can't cover my pores on my nose very well (I don't know why only my nose)

OVER-ALL RATING: 3/5. coverage and staying power is good but I have oily skin so this is not good for my type of skin.
WILL I PURCHASE? maybe if my skin can go back to being under the normal skin type hehe

Here's a shot of me using SkinFood Agave Cactus Sun BB cream. I topped it with a thin layer of Dayna's Minerals foundation in G2 (yellow toned) to counteract the pink/gray undertones of the bb cream. I also used Ellana Minerals sheer velvet to control oiliness. Blush is from Meow firefly blush collection in Radiance.

*with flash*
*natural lighting*

I'll end this post with an Outfit of the Day..yeah, I found the coverup I'm looking for! Yipee! It's from Get Loud (SM Fairview Branch) and it's actually my boyfriend who saw this one and called me. He knows how much I want to have one hehe..I'm really glad that I got this for only Php395! very cheap but the quality is good. The cloth is very soft and so nice to wear..doesn't make me too warm coz the cloth is not that thick ^_^

Till next time. Bye! ^_^


lelila said...

its nice under natural light, but not too ok with flash, parang may white cast or something. ang ganda na ng skin mo sis!

and nice coverup!

Askmewhats said...

sis, your skin is gorgeous! i swear! it has improved so much! :) love the coverup! I'd love to have that in 3/4s sleeves :)

Nina said...

I second lelila and Nikki! Plus, I love that coverup! Perfect for the colder weather.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i tried the agave cactus too..

& i hate it

after 30mins of applying it my skin as ready to fry eggs on

Crystal Gale said...

Lelila - thanks sis! naku I agree. it only looks good under natural lighting but indoors it's blah..I look like I have mask on because it looks so thick! :(

Nikki - thanks sis! hehe I'm happy that my skin is improving a lot should check Get Laud outlets sis..they have a variety of that coverup in soft cloth too :)

Nina - thanks sis! it does make me warm enough (but not uncomfortably hot) when it is cold like today so I like it! :)

thiamere - I agree 100%! My skin looks so oily and shiny after 2 hrs..and even after I remove it with makeup remover, my skin got oily too..too much hydration for oily skin like us :(

herroyalbleakness said...

gale, try mo yung agave primer gel nila underneath your agave bb para mas may staying power :)

Crystal Gale said...

Arg - does it help with the oiliness ba?

KJ said...

gale, I believe the agave cactus line is for dry skin (like moi) but I don't like the consistency of the cream :(

Crystal Gale said...

^ KJ - really? so that's why I got so oily after putting it on..I agree, the creaminess of it makes it a little too thick and cakey on some areas..better pa din if we get light to medium coverage lang and pile it on if you want a heavier coverage..