Monday, September 7, 2009

Makeup/Skincare Daily Routine Tag + Award

I was tagged by Thiamere and Pammy. Thanks girls for thinking of me ^_^

Here's my daily routine:
Every morning, after I take a bath, I will wash my face with The Face Shop Clean Acne Solution foam cleanser then I apply my acne toner and acne lotion. If I'm not going to use bb cream (that has SPF) as my foundation, I will apply sunblock first before my makeup.

At night, I will remove all my makeup and the dirts accumulated during the day using my Mandom Cleansing Express. Then I will proceed to washing my face and applying my acne toner, acne lotion, moisturizer and tretinoin.
I use Laneige strawberry yougurt peeling gel once a week. Usually every Sunday night after I wash my face.

I will either use one of my mineral foundations (I use my Ellana Buffer brush in applying) or my bb cream of choice (I use my MAC 187SE). Then I will proceed to applying my finishing powder (my current fave is Ellana sheer velvet because it helps a lot in controlling my oiliness) using my buffer brush again and my blush (my default blush of choice is Meow firefly blush in Radiance) using my Lumiere stippling brush.

For the eyes, I can live with only a concealer, eyeliner and an eyelash curler. My eyeshadow depends on my mood for the day so I did not include it anymore and lately, I'm not putting any e/s on because I'm not in the mood. Anyways, I always apply a base on my lids (MAC painterly paintpot) then a concealer (SkinFood Salmon concealer) on my undereyes and then set it with a highlighting loose powder (Ellana Awake concealer). I then will apply my black eyeliner (Ellana Ethereal MPM) using a wet brush (I wet my eyeshadow with Aromaleigh eyeshadow/eyeliner sealant). I'll finish the look by curling my lashes.

I just use my Venus&Mars lip balm on my bare lips then apply the lipcolor of my choice (my fave lip tint is Ellana lipcolor in Sensual). During the day, I usually top it with Clearagen lip therapy to add some gloss and moisture.

And that's it! My everyday routine is very simple and basic. I only do eye makeup when I'm going out or whenever I feel like it so I don't consider it part of the daily routine.

Now....who will I tag? Hmmm..I know! I'm tagging YOU! I want to read about your daily ritual too. Please comment below if you did this tag so I can read your post..Till next time! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Bye!

I also got an award from a fellow girltalker and blogger. Thank you Lelila for these awards! ^_^
I have already finished doing the Kreativ Blogger so you can just check out my answers here :)


Soapaholic said...

Yay thanks for sharing.:) What sunblock do you usually use?

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi sis! I'm currently using a sunblock from my has spf 80 and very light so I don't get oily :)

sez said...
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sez said...

Oops I posted twice >< Love your blog! Simple and basic is definitely the best for a daily routine~ I found that bb creams don't suit my skin tone =( So currently I'm going without any form of cover up. Thank goodness my skin issues have been resolved.. for now.. ^^

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you Sez! ^_^