Monday, September 7, 2009

Entry for Pammy's Contest: My Favorite Blush ^_^

Here's my entry for Pammy's contest ^_^

My favorite blush is from MEOW Cosmetics and the shade is called "Claw Your Way to the Top". Whew! that's a very long name for a shade haha. I love this blush because of many reasons:

1. it is very pigmented so I just need to use a very small amount of product each time

2. not only is it pigmented but its staying power is superb. this blush lasts me the whole day! (and I'm oily too)

3. this is a mineral makeup so all the benefits you can get from using a MMU is in this product: chemical free, preservative free, etc

4. this has no expiration date! I can stock up on this and I won't worry of them getting spoiled

5. very affordable since a whole full size pot can last me years! this sample pot is already nearing its 1st b-day and I still haven't finished it yet haha

6. it is matte..I can just add glows or highlighter on top if I want a shimmery blush unlike with shimmery blushes, I can't get a matte finish if I need one.

7. and last but not the least, I love the color! it is mauve-pink shade on the pot but after you applied it using a stippling brush, your cheeks will have the prettiest natural looking pinkish shade.

*Under flourescent lighting

*under natural lighting
I'm very excited about this contest because I was once a blush addict and I know the feeling whenever a certain shade of blush give our face the final glow it needs :)


gracie said...

ohhh.. i love the color!!!

Pammy said...

That is a very pretty shade. I only had the Delusion blush and I liked it but that one's even prettier. :P

Uh, are you okay with non-mmu blush pala?

Crystal Gale said...

gracie - hehe thanks! it can go sheer too if you want a more natural flush :)

pammy - what's the shade of delusion sis? yup! I also use non-mmu you, I'm starting venturing outside the mmu world na din hehe :)