Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mineral Eyeshadows (swatches)

It's a rainy day again and I'm not feeling that good (maybe due to the frequent changing of weather, I'm getting the flu..I hope I'm wrong)..I wanted to up my spirit a little bit and I thought, "why not play with your makeup?" and so I planned to make a look. So I opened my traincase and brought out all my eyeshadows to get some inspiration. But sadly, I got none..yeah, not a single inspiration on what look I should do..I got sad coz it has been quite a while already since I made a pretty eye makeup and I really wanted to make one for you guys..anyways, while I was returning my stuff inside the traincase, I got an idea. Why not take a picture of the swatches of my remaining mineral eyeshadows? I have been neglecting these babies since I got my Coastal Scents 88 palette and I forgot how beautiful they are. So here's a shot of my mineral eyeshadows/multi-purpose minerals..I'm not an avid mineral makeup user anymore because I'm not that happy with my stash of mineral foundation already (I still can't find my perfect match in all my criteria) but I'm still in-love with mineral blushes and eyeshadows because they are so pigmented and lasts long on my oily lids. Plus, they are very affordable and has a huge variety of colors to choose from! I'll show you what I'm talking about. Check out how vibrant these loose pigments are ^_^

Very pretty right? and these are only samples because I know I won't be able to finish them up.

What I like about mineral e/s:
- can be bought in sample sizes (1/8 tsp or 1g depending on the brand) at very affordable prices ($1 or Php100)
- very pigmented even if applied dry and without a base (and more vibrant if applied foiled/wet)
- you only need to use a very minute amount of product everytime
- comes in a huge variety of finish and colors
- there are so many brands to choose from!
- long lasting on my oily lids

What I don't like about it:
- some pigments are just glitter bombs (so be careful on buying)
- my favorite brands are not available locally
- since it is in loose form, they tend to produce fallouts especially when applied dry

Will I continue buying mineral shadows? YES! Since they don't expire, I can continue to collect them and use them anytime. And for the price of 1 MAC or MUFE loose pigment, I can already have more than 20 shades of mineral eyeshadows to choose from :)

Here are my swatches of them. I applied them dry using my fingers. The upper half has base (MAC painterly paintpot) underneath while the lower part has no base whatsoever. See how pigmented they are? ^_^

They have the same quality of vibrancy (in terms of the color) as with the ones on the pots..Isn't it obvious how much I love them? Why did I ever forgot to use them? toink! :)

My Top 5 Favorite Brands for MMU e/s are:
1. Taylormade
2. Bare Escentuals
3. Monave
4. Lumiere
5. Dreamworld

What about you? Do you love/use mineral eyeshadows too? What are your favorite brands? Share them by posting on the comment box below..I would be happy to hear yours out too :)
Thanks for dropping by.. Till next time ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

everything looks great even without a base

Ida said...

hope you're not getting sick! :) your mineral e/s are such pretty,vivid colors. i love mineral e/s too, pretty much agree with all your likes & dislikes. my fave mmu e/s brand right now is fyrinnae :)

herroyalbleakness said...

Lovely, gale! I hope you start feeling better soon...

Crystal Gale said...

thank you everyone for the well wishes..I hope when I wake up tomorrow I'm already feeling a lot better :)

Ida - I'm reading a lot of raves for Fyrinnae e/s too..can you compare the quality with aromaleigh ones? :)

JoiceyTwentyPTRP said...

i love bare escentuals too, and those from Laura Mercier (since they're the only MMU's i've used hehe)

i want to try Ellana actually.

hey get well!:)

Askmewhats said...

wow on the swatches, you've done it wonderfully, I have a hard time creating swatches on my arms as they lack space , ang iksi eh hahaha

Pammy said...

Gale, you still have Bonnie! :p That will work as a lip gloss. Hehe. Now I miss my mineral shadows. :)

The weather is nuts. I hope you feel better.

Crystal Gale said...

Joicey - I have not Laura Mercier mmus coz they are pricier than mmus from small companies hehe..try Ellana..they are affordable, just be careful on choosing the shades coz not all are pigmented :)

Nikki - Thanks! hehe I just squezzed them..I'm so happy all of them fit my arm haha :)

Pammy - thank you! haha yup! I love the shade so tinitipid ko ^_^

♥ mia said...

pretty pretty colors! :D

thanks for sharing ur recommendations, will definitely check em out! ;)

Crystal Gale said...

^ hi mia! thanks for dropping by my blog ^_^

The Shades Of U said...

Great post sis, love your swatches! You know me, I love my mineral shadows!! My favorite would be Aromaleigh: pigmented, glides like a dream on the skin, and very fast turn-around time (3 business days in my case). Other faves would be Lumiere, Earthen Glow, Adorned With Grace (love the texture), Valerie Beauty.

Crystal Gale said...

^ thanks for the suggestions sis! I hope there are resellers of Aromaleigh and AWG locally coz I'm afraid of ordeing overseas na because of cases of lost packages :(