Saturday, October 3, 2009

Update + "Good News"

To all my readers, please pardon me for being unable to post any beauty related topics lately..I've been so busy because of the disaster Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) left behind. I'm also not feeling well since Thursday afternoon so I went to my cardiologist yesterday morning for a checkup. I thought I was having another problem with my heart but luckily my heart problem did not got any worse and I can stop taking my heart meds already and just have it for back up if ever I get some symptoms again. According to my doctor, I just had an allergy attack because of frequent changing of the weather that lead to a throat infection (I have so many inflamed lymph nodes on my throat). She gave me a strong antibiotic and some antihistamines to take for a week..I was also prescribed to take Montelukast again to prevent me from having another bad attack of asthma (I think i was still in high school when I got an attack like that)..I'm still feeling dizzy right now, but I still want to update all of you on what's happening to me this past few days..I promise that I will begin posting again once I got my health back to normal. Thank you for understanding guys ^_^

Also, a somewhat good news came my way this morning..according to PAGASA, Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) moved upwards and will not hit Manila directly..there is also a chance that this will not hit the Philippines let us pray that this typhoon will not hit any part of the Philippines so that no one will suffer. To read the whole news article, click here.

Take care everyone! and let us continue to help others who are in neeed. God bless! ^_^


Crystal said...

you have a heart prob sis? naku i'm glad you're better. take care!

Askmewhats said...

do nurse your health back to tiptop shape..I didn't know you have problems with health, I just knew you've got allergies and stuffs...take care sis

Gel said...

get well!

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal - thanks sis! yeah, I have a mitral valve is mild but since I'm symptomatic, I need to take maintainance medication to control the symptoms.

Nikki - thank you! hehe I was a really sickly child before but now that I'm an adult already, I'm so glad that I don't get sick that often :)

Gel -thank you! :)

Soapaholic said...

Wish you good health sis!:)