Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let us pray...Let us prepare..

Hello everyone! I want to post this CNN weather forecast about the coming super typhoon Parma (Pepeng) this weekend..You can watch the clip here:

I'm really hoping for a miracle that this will miss all the places that was already affected by Ketsana (Ondoy) even though according to CNN, this typhoon will hit Manila and Northern Luzon (again!)...Guys, let us try our best to prepare for this upcoming super typhoon..this is stronger than Ondoy and the heavy rain we experienced earlier today was just a warning..

I got really scared earlier when the rain started pouring..the drops are so big and Araneta Avenue got flooded easily..the water reached the sidewalks in just 30minutes of continous raining..what more on Saturday when the typhoon comes?

According to Philippine National Red Cross, we need to prepare for the following in order to survive for a couple of days just in case we got flooded again. I can't remember everything coz I just watched this in the news earlier and I can't find a link of the complete list..I suggest you still do some research or prepare whatever you think you might be needing just in case.

1. First aid kit: antibacterial ointments, antipyretics (paracetamol), oral rehydration solutions (oresol), anti diarrheal meds, antihistamines, cough and colds medicines, antibiotics, medications for your diseases like asthma, heart problems and diabetes, band aids, gauzes, betadine, etc

2. 3 gallons of water for each person. This can make you last for 3 days.

3. canned foods and easy to cook foods like noodles.

4. flashlights with plenty of extra batteries

5. many boxes of matches and candles

6. charge your cellphones and extra batteries (if available) and keep your charger

7. charge your emergency lights

8. Toiletries - tissues, alcohol, soaps, toothbrush, etc

9. Changes of clothes

Place everything in one plastic container and keep it in one place where you can easily reach for it in case of evacuating.

I hope and pray that everyone will be safe and we can all survive this coming super typhoon. God bless everyone!


Crystal said...

you know what i'm scared because i have to be out today for a rehearsal. i'm praying that it won't flood.

Chelle said...

Let's all pray for a good day... Now we can appreciate those times we complain how hot the day is, at least there's no flood, food scarcity, people and animals dying and properties destroyed because of the cold rain...

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal - I hope you won't get stranded or something..let us pray..

Chelle - I so agree..I hate the rain too...but I also hate the very hot weather..I just hope if it rains, not this strong..just enough to water the plants...