Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Review: New Moon (Twilight Saga)

Hello everyone!

I was finally able to watch New Moon! Yippee! I was so happy last Thursday coz I was able to watch it with my bf after work..I actually wanted to watch it on its opening day but there are no more tickets that weekend and a week later it's still the same...I got nervous because the line for the ticket counter was so long and one of the two cinemas showing it was already full...the other one is nearly full and I got nervous that by the time I will buy my ticket, there will be no more seats available anymore..luckily, I was still able to get two seats for us..just in the nick of time actually hehe :)

Well, I actually went there not expecting too high because I did not love the Twilight movie..and I really hated K. Stewart (Bella) and R. Pattinson's (Edward) acting..they really ruined the role in my opinion (fans, don't hate's just my view po) because they lack emotions..they don't look in love at I went to the cinema really hoping they got better in their acting..I was able to hear a lot of good reviews on New Moon so I was really exicited to see if they were true.

Here's my opinion on the film..please take note that I am a huge fan of the book and not the actors...I watched because I like to see how the director made the story alive :)

What I like about it:
- This movie is way, way better than Twilight! The quality of the effects (especially how they showed the speed of the vampires and werewolves and also the transformations of the pact) is higher and well thought off.
- K. Stewart's acting got better..I'm so happy she improved..she's not monotonous anymore haha..although she did not act superb, at least she did good :)
- I love how they made Taylor Lautner (Jacob) look mature and fit for the role..I really got curious how they will make him "evolve" as a wolf and I'm happy to say, they met my expectation..though I wished Jacob is a lot taller coz in the book, he's over 6ft tall.
- The small details really did it for fave is the steam coming off from Jacob during the raining scene with Bella. It really emphasized that Jacob is hot.
- The scene in Italy is good. Very detailed. I love the setting, just like what I imagined it to be while reading the book.
- I love Dakota Fanning as Jane! I really can't wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to be shown..she did a very good job even though it was a really short scene :)
- This movie made me want to read the book again (for the Nth time haha) ^_^

What I don't like:
- New Moon as a book is not really interesting for me..since it felt "bitin"..and that is what happened here in the movie too..I felt that the ending was cut off immediately..
- I still can't accept R. Pattinson as Edward hehe..I don't think he looks that handsome..sorry fans..I'm a team Jacob :)
- Jasper is still weird for me..I don't know why he looks that if he is always scared and alert. I hope he improves too in the next film.
- if you have not read the book, you might not get the jumps on some scenes.
- the tickets are always sold out

OVER-ALL RATING: 4/5 - I'll definitely be watching this again with my best friend or sister soon hehe. I just wish Bella and Jacob can be together in the story..anyways, that's I'll try to let it go haha ^_^

I will suggest you watch this's better if you watch this with someone who loves the book too. Trust me on this hehe :)

By the way, due to some circumstances, I won't be able to go to the Noel Bazaar at World Trade Center anymore..maybe I can meet you guys in another time na lang..

thank you everyone! and happy long weekend! ^_^


NaNa said...

just want to let u know. as you read the book: Jasper always looks as he is in pain because he has to be alert and aware all the time. he doesn't want to hurt anyone that is the reason that he always looks weird.

nikkiz. said...

I watched this alone last Friday to a nearly EMPTY movie theater in greenhills! I also did not like the movie mainly for Stweart's and Pattinson's lack of acting abilities...RPattz always looked so constipated.

What made me like it were the supporting roles like Bella's dad, the pack of wolves and the Volturi (Aro and Jane) and Bella's schoolmates. Yeah, I liked the effects better now and can't wait for Eclipse since that's my favorite book among the 4 with New Moon the least.

Askmewhats said...

I can't wait to watch this, would you believe I haven't pa? We're all waiting for the company movie night kc, so ayun, we have to wait :)

Pammy said...

I only watched this online as I don't want to spend money for tickets. :P

The first time I did, I fell asleep. The second time I did, I fought hard not to fall asleep and ended up feeling sorry for Jacob. I like him. The Cullen dad's hot! But Edward bores me. He looks plain boring and really dead. Stewart and Pattinson's acting are such a bore.

Can you believe I was never into the Twilight craze and haven't read the book? But Jacob makes it interesting. ;)

Crystal Gale said...

NaNa - I have read the book 2x and I know that he's trying not kill anyone but I think I was unable to picture him that way everytime haha thanks for pointing that out ^_^

Nikkiz - haha I see your point..I don't like the main actors too..but the movie is great because of Jacob and the others talaga..if they did not act great, I'll probably hate the movie again haha ^_^

really? Eclipse is your fave? Mine is Brreaking I can't wait for that one..Eclipse will be shown on June 30, 2010..and accdg. to rumors, Breaking Dawn will be cut into 2 movies since its so long ^_^

Nikki - that's okay's better to watch it with someone you know that loves it too..hehe iba ang feeling..walang nega ^_^

Pammy - that's okay..maybe you're not just into vampire love stories hehe..maybe you should try watching it in the has a different feel kasi if the audience is responsive to the scenes..that happened to me too when I watched Lord of the Rings in dvd..I fell asleep after 30mins..but everyone liked it ^_^

Naku sis, you'll probably hate Bella more and get sad for Jacob once Eclipse is shown..

andrew said...

This movie was truly and utterly painful. My expectations weren't high, New Moon was my least favorite of all the books and I saw how they handled the first movie but this movie is an all time low.

The ONLY thing I will give them ANY credit on are the Vampire's eyes, the contacts were brilliant. Otherwise this was one big depressing train wreck.

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