Monday, November 30, 2009

Review: Sweeny Todd + a tag

Hello everyone! Here's another review for you guys but this time it's a theater/play review.
Me and my bf loves watching plays by Repertory Philippines at Greenbelt 1 and the one in UP Diliman since we were in college. We always make it a point to see if there are some plays we would like to watch that play season every year. We usually love musicals but they are much more expensive than the regulars. 
According to our friends before, our hobby was not meant for college students haha because the tickets are usually expensive..but as the saying goes, if you like something, you'll definitely do everything to make it happen. We were quite glad that now (since we have jobs already) we are able to pay for the tickets without needing to really be thrifty at all times or ask for our parents for the money.

 Last Saturday, we watched Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at Greenbelt 1 around 3:30pm. We can't attend the one at 8pm because it would be hard for us to go home since we live in Novaliches and that's a far place from makati. My bf is actually really excited for this when he knew that Repertory Philippines will be doing his favorite movie. We were lucky to be able to still get tickets in the lower orchestra coz when we went to the ticket outlet at Greenbelt 1, there were only 5 seats left so we immediately grabbed the two. It's a little expensive but my bf didn't mind (he paid for both haha) spending for that hehe ^_^
I've also watched the movie and I liked it too..Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd is great so I was looking forward for this too. And I can safely say that this is a great play!

What I love about this:
- The actors and actresses are great. Even the extras sing beautifully.
- The set is perfectly constructed. They were able to create different "sets" for different scenes using 3 movable structures only. It was really well thought off and constructed at that.
- The lead roles are superb. They were able to portray the character smoothly. My fave is Mrs. Lovett. She is so beautiful and perfect for the role.
- The orchestra (I think it's Filharmonic) is great too. The music is great even though they were unable to use a real piano for it and some other instruments because of lack of space at the bottom of the stage.
- And the fact that they used the same pieces is a plus since the music is the story.

What I don't like about it:
- the one who played Anthony is really short for the actress who played Joanna. Although I love their acting and singing, I can't get past the height difference coz it's very obvious.
- I also don't like the one who portrayed Toby. He's supposed to be a kid but they did not get one. hmmm I know that it would be difficult to cast a kid for a role like that so I understand. It's just a disappointment since I love the character in the movie.
- The killing scenes is not as bloody as the one in the movie which is understandable. Movies have the capacity to do it with special effects while plays need to use props for the blood to ooze..they did it well live but I still prefer the bloody one haha

Over-all Rating: 4/5. We enjoyed it very much and I can say the money and time is worth it. Really entertaining if you're into musicals.
That's it! I prefer the movie over the play but the play has a lot more scenes that they cut in the movies. So I guess, I shouldn't compare since they are great for their own division. What about you? DO you love watching plays too? ^_^
I was tagged by the lovely Emily of Pink Monkey last thanksgiving. Even though we don't have Thanksgiving here in my country, I'll still do her tag:

"What are you thankful for?"
I thank God for:
- my family... because they are very supportive in all my endevours and they always love me unconditionally.
- my close friends who are always behind me..supporting me and loving me for who I am..We've been friends for a long time already but our friendship just gets stronger every passing time.
- my bf who is still beside me for the last 6 years and will still be beside me until we get old..I'm really thankful that our love and trust for each other got stronger too..I'm just happy that we're always happy.
- my pets who are all healthy and safe. I love them so much.
- my new job. I'm really so thankful that me and my bf were able to get a good job and we're together there. And the food is free too haha ^_^
- and lastly, I'm thankful for Him for granting my prayers regardless if they were small or big. I'm just so thankful for all the blessings that came my way.

What about you guys? What are you thankful for? I'm tagging everyone who wants to do the tag. Share them to me by posting the link here on the comment box ^_^
Till next time! Bye! ^_^


Emily said...

wow the movie seems really interesting! thanks for the great review, phillipines seems like a very fun place ^_^

hey and thanks so so much for doing the tag!!! even though u dont celebrate it and u still do the tag, so sweet of u >_< aww...and u seem like such a nice person being thankful of all that!!! wow, amazing :p

have a wonderful day gale , love your blog always !

GirL With GLasSes... said...

i only watched sweeny todd starred by johnyy depp =)

sweeny todd + bf = good experience

haha! you are one lucky girl


Crystal said...

you know what i always watch musicals as much as i can. too bad we ran out of tickets for spring awakening :( but i decided to skip this because i found this too depressing LOL. btw, the orchestra you're referring to is probably Filharmonika.