Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random things + First Impression on Laneige Snow Crystal Foundation

Hello everyone!

I want to post something before I sleep hehe..I do want to update you all on what's happening to me lately ^_^

Well, I want to tell you first why this is a pictureless post...I can't take pictures because I can't find the charger of my digicam haha..I really can't remember where it is..I tried looking for it for a couple of days already but it still missing..*sigh*

Anyways, I have been doing some hauling from different brands..I really am into a shopping spree lately haha I don't know why..maybe because I suppressed my buying urges last year so it came back in full force? possibly noh? hehe

1. Etude House - yes, I already went to the newly opened shop at Megamall last week with my sister. The store is so cute and the products are cutely packaged too but sadly, the stories are true..the SAs are not trained about the products..they don't know the differences and the function of each item they are selling...also, most of their must-buy stuffs are already out-of-stock..I'm really lookin forward to getting their duo-fiber brush because of the raves here at blogger and in GT but it has been OOS for quite some time already...so I ended up not buying anything, but my sister got their Speedy Mineral Base and I am using this right now..I think I can give you all a review on it next week..I'm crossing my fingers that I won't break out from this too..

2. Laneige - I gave in and get my 2nd item from their line. I planned on getting their sliding pact_ex compact foundation or their Snow crystal foundation which are both highly raved about but I ended up buying their Pore Foaming cleanser instead. The reason is that, those two items that I want are not really meant for oily skin (which I am)...but I'm still happy with my visit there..I'm still on the testing phase for the cleanser so I'll also give a review after a week or so..I want to check the effect of this..but so far, I'm liking it :)

Also, the SA who assisted me, really took her time to try the snow crystal foundation on me so that I can check its capacity in "oil control" and coverage...since I'm so keen on trying their makeup line hehe :)

my verdict after one use:

-very light feel..as if I'm not wearing anything! even lighter than some heavy coverage MMU foundie I have tried.

- has sun protection...SPF22 and PA++

- has buildable coverage depending on what you use for application. Marj used a foundation brush on me and was able to conceal my acne scars without the help of the concealer.

- it has a concealer and mirror on top which is good coz you won't need to get a separate one.

- I have a match..well not totally..I'm shade#23 which is a shade lighter than my skintone..this blended well with my skintone after 30mins since I'm acidic..it looks flawless :)

- has a pump bottle so it's very hygienic

- a little pricey..a bottle cost Php1,800

- can be too thick if applied too much..so use sparingly coz you only need one to two pumps for the whole face and neck

- you can't control the product that comes out after a pump..I noticed this when she did it.

- I'm not yet sure if this will break me out or not since I have only tried this once :)

3. Divisoria - yep! I went with my mom and sis..I was not supposed to buy something but I saw these nail polishes and they have cute colors that are hard to find...I got them for P10 each (wholesale price coz I got 6pcs)...I can't say if this is a good product for nails because it is cheap..hopefully, nothing bad will happen hehe ;)

What I like about it:
- very cheap at Php10 each
- good color payoff - even with one swipe, you can achieve the same color in the bottle.
- doesn't chip easily..the nail polish lasted at least a week on my toenails.
-has a big range of color.

What i don't like about it:
- smells like house paint...really! this is one of the reason I'm scared haha :)
- I don't know the ingredients so I can't say if this will do something bad for my nail..I hope nothing bad will happen though.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading them ^_^

I'll post a detailed review on the Garden of Wisdom product I tried on my next post. I was amazed so I wanted to share this great product with you all.

See ya! God bless everyone! Have a nice week ahead! ^_^


Crystal said...

hey gurl, i hope you find your charger soon so you can post pics again! lol.

jehan said...

hi Crystal! i hope you'll find your charger soon...

i love EH's brushes. i have their duo-fibe brush.. except for the powder brush, they didn't shed that much at first but after 2 washes, they were all fine already...

as for the Laneige products, i also find them expensive here but after finishing all the sample bottles i have, i'll switch to Amore Pacific products (between Iope, Laneige and Hera)...

Soapaholic said...

Nice to hear from you again Gale!:) Hope you're doing well.:)

Askmewhats said...

picture-less post is better than no post at all! I'm glad to hear from you! how have you been?

Well, I haven't been to the Etude House store, been tooo busy! hay :) I would love to give Laneige a try too! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal - haha I hope so too..I miss taking pictures already ^_^

Jehan - wow, that's good to hear..I'll definitely check out their brushes then ^_^

Do try Laneig..their products really have quality :)

Soapaholic - Hi! I'm doing very well..thank you! Thanks for dropping by ^_^

Nikki - thanks! I'm doing very well now..I already am a "probi" at work so I'm quite happy hehe..thanks for asking :)

badet said...

Visited Etude House too last Saturday and was turned off with their SAs. But the store and their products are l-o-v-e!

Btw, can we ex-links? My blog is Health and Beauty Geek


Lanie said...

Hi! where is the Laneige store located? Thanks!