Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: Garden of Wisdom Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a good weekend. Well, I am spending my weekend doing some cleaning around the house..We are doing some renovations in our place for the last couple of months already so there are so many stuff to organize and clean. And since all of us are working during weekdays, all the cleaning and washing of clothes land on weekends..hay..anyway, I'm still glad that I have accomplished 90% of my assigned work for the day ^_^

Now, back to the main purpose of this review!
I am going to review my current must-have item in my skincare routine:
Garden of Wisdom Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel.

I have been using this since late last year..I think around Christmas. I joined Ida's order pooling for Garden of Wisdom last November..this is my item from the brand that I have tried..I got this because Ida swears by it that it actually helps keep acne at bay for areas that have recurrent breakouts. As you all know, my right cheek is always my whole face will be scar and pimple free but my right will be full of blemishes. So in short, I got myself a trial size to try because I can't help but wanting to try this product to help with my problem.

According from the website:

GoW Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel / .13 oz
Delivered in a plastic bottle w/dropper
Lemongrass Hydrosol
* astringent
* tonic
* anti-fungal
* anti-oxidant
* refreshing
Distilled Water [solvent]
Azeloyl Glycine [derivative of Azelaic Acid]
* sebum normalizer
* skin whitener [not bleaching]
* anti-bacterial
* anti-inflammatory
* guaranteed 10% strength for effectiveness
* helps to strengten and repair a damaged skin barrier
* anti-inflammatory
* soothing
* healing
* works fast to reduce redness/inflammation
* no side effects [water soluble and flushes awy in the system]
* rejuvenating
* does not become resistant to fighting bacteria strains
Lactic Acid
* gentle exfoliant
* moisturizer
* anti-microbial
Coconut Cream [true coconut from the fruit, organic, unrefined]
* softening
* smoothing
* very high in lauric acid [anti-viral properties]
* helps to naturally dry out blemishes
Superoxide Dismutase
* anti-oxidant
* soothing
* powerful free radical scavenger
Cellulose Gum [natural thickener]
Optiphen [preservative, non-paraben/does not release formaldehyde]

After using this product for more than a month, twice a day after washing my face, one drop per area of my's my review:
Packaging: 4.5/5 - it comes in a plastic dropper-like container. This is very hygienic and also lightweight. The only problem I got is, I can't get every drop of the product since I can't squezze it.

Price: 3.5-4/5 - this is a little expensive for me since I was so used to buying acne prods for less than Php500 from my derma hehe..The full size of this will cost me $4.90 (around Php700) plus I need to shell out around php1k for this.

Availability: 2/5 - This not locally available so I need to order it from their US website.. so sad :(

Quality of the Product: 5/5 -I love this product!

-very effective on preventing cystic acne erruption. It can halter the process and your supposed to erupt acne will just subside after 24hrs! to think that I have very stubborn acne.
-this is unscented in my opinion. So no overwhelming plant scent that most natural products have.
-very easy to spread. you just need a drop or two to cover the area where you have breakouts. I use this for the whole face.
-my blackheads did not appear as fast as less facial time needed.
- very light and easily absorbed.
-hygienic and sturdy container.

-did not help much on my small worked for big cystic ones but not on pimples.

-best to store inside a refrigerator to prolong shelf life and also the cooling effect helps lessen the inflammation, if you have any.

Will I repurchase? YES! YES! YES! I'll be getting the full size soon.
I am just so happy that even though I ate so much oily foods and had a lot of very late-night sleep and stress during the holiday season, I did not get a huge zit on my cheek!

Thank you, Ida! for introducing me to this product ^_^

By the way, I'm glad that at least I can now post once or twice a week instead of nothing at all hehe...thank you for still dropping by my blog ^_^

Till next time! Bye! ^_^


GirL With GLasSes... said...

its good that you found a product that works really well =)

jehan said...

hi sis! why not try Etude House's red spot balm? btw, can you email me your complete mailing address? i have a sample and i'd gladly send it to you if you want to try it before purchasing their small tub. it works. but if it won't work for you, at least you tried, haha...

waiting for your email...

Crystal said...

aww, this is not for me. i don't get cystic acne kasi e. glad it works for you though!

Ida said...

It's so great that this works for you! :) I agree, this works really well on big, cystic zits, but not on the small, blackhead-like bumps. Also true that the full-size costs a lot, but I think it's worth it naman.

Another product I like is their coconut cream, it's cheap and works on drying up existing cystic acne, promise :) Will let you know when I'm ordering na ulit, or let me know baka mainip ka and you order na, makikisabay ako :)

Crystal Gale said...

Waah!! it took me a week to answer your messages..sorry!

Jing - Thanks! I'm really happy I found one ^_^

Jehan - thank you! I'll email you soon :)

Crystal - Thanks! at least you don't get big bumps coz they hurt a lot! hehe ;)

Ida - I want to order na nga eh..I'm already starting to have rough skin coz it's been a week since I last put this on my much would I need to prepare if we will order na? :)