Monday, March 8, 2010

Review: Etude House Duo Fibre Brush

Hello everyone! How's your weekend? I had a fantastic one! Me and my bf went to Club Manila East and enjoyed the wave pool! I'm planning on doing a review for that resort coz I really love it there ^_^

Anyways, you probably have read so many reviews on this brush but I still want to share my own opinion since every individual has different experiences right?

Here's my review on Etude House Duo Fibre brush...I got this after a month on being on the waiting list haha..I don't know why Etude House Philippines don't stock up items..I actually have a long list already but they are always out-of-stock...I really hope that they re-stock soon.

I purchased this last January. At first, I was kinda disappointed because it is so small and that it won't function well on liquid foundations...but after my first use..I can't help but reach for it everyday :)

-Very affordable...less than Php500 only!
-Does not shed..unlike my MAC 187 SE that still shed and bleed color.
-Soft and not scratchy
-Size is perfect to reach corners on your face like at the sides of your nose.
-Very dense (check out the picture) so I can easily apply my foundation or blush evenly.

-Handy..the length is the almost the same as the lenth of my hand. It can easily fit my makeup pouch if I need to bring it.
-Dries easily after deep cleaning.

-Since it is a little smaller than MAC 187, it will take you a little bit longer to finish your face

Here's 2 comparison pictures for my 3 stippling brushes.

1) See how dense the white fibers are compared to Lumiere and MAC...I can only use the Lumiere one for blushes since it's too flimsy for foundies while MAC is too scratchy and sheds like crazy on my face so I rarely use it anymore.
2) Lumiere is the longest while MAC is the shortest and chubbiest among the three.

I really love, love this brush so much! I do not regret getting one..Even my sister borrow this from me (she uses this for her BB creams too) so I'm thinking of getting another one so that we don't need to share (It's kinda unsanitary to share haha) and I won't need to wash it every night so I can use it fresh the next day (although it is a must to wash foundation brushes after every use since it harbors bacteria)...Anyways, I want to get another one and maybe from Charm again so that I have a bigger one..let's see what I'll decide to get when the urge to buy is there hehe ^_^

I'm actually saving up right now for my cats' spaying and also for the Super Junior concert next month ^_^
Bye, guys! I hope I can post another one this week. God bless!!

P.S. I bought a digicam! I can now make tutorials and FOTDs again..yipee! I got myself a Samsung E560 and it's red in color. It has 12.1MP and contains a beauty shot mode which "photoshops" your picture as soon as you take it..It really makes you look fresh and flawless..I'll do a comparison shot next time to show you what I mean :)


Crystal said...

a beauty shot mode? haha. cool. :P

Askmewhats said...

*wails* I still haven't visited etude house !!!!

New cam?? wow more photos and FOTDs!!!

jehan said...

i'm even thinking of getting myself the MAC stippling brush, haha! i'm actually saving up for it coz MAC here in Korea is really expensive. i now also have 2 of Etude House's duo fiber brush but i'll send the other one to my sis in singapore. it's really nice to have membership cards here. we get informed when they have discounts. and i got my second brush for 30%off.. your review made me all the more regret for getting only one during their sale, haha...

Crystal Gale said...

Crystal's like automatic photoshop talaga haha as in it blurs the imperfections ^_^

Nikki - go visit na! it's like a doll house full of good quality stuff at affordable prices ^_^

Jehan - MAC is expensive here too..I really can't get myself to get one since I've already been disappointed with a couple of their brushes that I got :)

Anna said...

I just about one too. :) etude dual fibre brush works well with me. :) Nice post.

Crystal Gale said...

Anna - Hi! it's really great noh? and cute! ^_^