Saturday, March 13, 2010

Skin Diary: New Regimen

Happy weekends everyone!

I'm so happy that I woke up feeling well rested and also so happy in waking up late haha..anyways, I just want to share why I'm so giddy right now :)

1. My mom's operation (cataract extraction) went very well and she is now on the way to being fully recovered..We are also very blessed that we could come up with the money for her operation..the lens is really expensive!

2. I don't have any acne right now..yipee! The reason? I was able to convince my dermatologist, Dra. Michelle, to shift my skin care regimen after a year of using my usual stuff's how it goes...

I keep on having whiteheads on the forehead and acne on my right cheek (what's right cheek is my main problem..always)..They don't stop from I went to her clinic last week and had it injected coz they are so painful...and then I talked to her about what I'm doing wrong because they don't stop from popping up. And then I asked her if we can shift to another regimen since it looks to me that my "current" regimen has stopped working for me already (I've been using it for a very long time and my skin tends to get immune to products very easily) and she said, "No problem. Let's try this..." So, yeah, I ended up with the following:

Acne peel soap, acne cream plus, moisturizing toner

Here's my current regimen..and so far so new ones popping up ^_^
*everything is made by my dermatologist, Dr. Michelle Manuel, unless stated otherwise*

-cleanse with Acne peel soap
-tone with the moisturizing toner
-treat with acne cream plus
-protect with a sunblock

-remove makeup, dirt and oils with Mandom cleansing express sebum
-cleanse with Acne peeling soap
-tone with moisturizing toner
-treat with acne cream plus
*I have stopped using my Laneige cleanser for the moment but once I get my skin back to being okay, I'll definitely go back to using it at night...because it is still the best cleanser I have tried in removing all the dirt, traces of makeup and oils off my skin.

The Clobederm is for my scalp...I don't know if I have told you guys already that I have chronic dry scalp and it's hereditary (my dad, bro and cousin have it too)...Because of this condition, my scalp is usually itchy and there are times it gets flaky..I usually use the solution made by my derma to control it but she was unable to create one because the raw materials are out of stock so she suggested I use this instead. It has the same strength and effect as the one she makes...Let's see if this will work for me...I'll update you guys soon!

Oh, and about my contest for y'all, I'm in the process of collecting the will be a surprise for the meantime hehe ^_^

Hope to talk with you soon! bye!


jehan said...

hi Gale! love and prayers for your mom's super fast recovery...

i don't know why everytime we visit my derma, he just says my pimples aren't serious and just gives me a cream or 2 and some pills.. i asked him last time to give me a regimen but he said there was no need for it. i could stick to the products i'm using and just apply the cream..

so i end up looking for the products myself. i also observed that the creams (main ingredient: benzoyl peroxide) he prescribed last time aren't working anymore. the more i apply, the more i get a breakout so i reached for my etude house' AC clinic red spot balm (main ingredient: salicylic acid) and worked wonders instantly... yeah, my bumps gradually decreased in time for my important interview, haha... i'm thinking of buying the laneige this time but my good friend ate betchay of suggested i get DHC's cleansing oil instead... i still prefer using "oil" based cleansing oil or cream for my oily face. they remove oils and dirts better...

Askmewhats said...

Hey Gale! I'm glad your mom's operation went well, I know how stressful it is before and during the operation!

Glad your skin is getting better! I'd love to see you again! it has been a year since we last saw each other!

Soapaholic said...

Seems like a happy time for you! :) No acne + successful operation for your mom! I'm glad. ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

Jehan - my derma can do consultation for you through email if you want...I can ask her..then I'll just send you the products you need :)

Thank you for the prayers :)

Nikki - Thank you! yeah, I hope we can have a gathering again :)

Soapaholic -yeah..super happy ^_^

Badet said...

Hoping for your mom's fast recovery.

I also noticed that the products I'm using on my face are not effective as it was 2 years ago. And I'm the type pa naman that'll stick with the regimen once I find effective. Coz I'm too lazy to try new products.

Crystal Gale said...

Badet - thank you! Yeah, changing of regimen frequently is so tiring at times...

lordknight_aiz said...

wow you still visit dra michelle's clinic. havent been there for months na rin and im very tempted to try out other derma like dra martires and foronda.. bagong products for your face again ha? hehe

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! long time no chat hehe yup! I'm still a Dra. Manuel loyalist haha hiyang me sa kanya eh and I can easily talk to her about my concerns so...yeah, hehe na-immune na skin ko with my old regimen since I've used it for at least a year straight ^_^

lordknight_aiz said...

ahh.. kakatamad kasi pumunta sa clinic, kasi wala ako mahila na kasama :) btw, parang nag iba daw yung mga staff niya sis noh?

pansin ko hiyang ka din sakanya.laki ng improvement talaga ng skin mo. :)nga pala, sis pds member si doc michelle?

Crystal Gale said...

Yup! she's a certified dermatologist sis ^_^

hindi naman nagiba sis..nagdagdag lang minsan inilalagay niya sa Manila clinic yung mga sanay na habang tintrain niya yung mga bago sa QC clinic..pero sila-sila pa din namn :)

Angel said...

Hi! Can you tell me what sunscreen you are currently using? Or ones that you recommend for acne prone skin? Thanks! ^_^

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Angel! I use the tinted sunblock made by my's not oily and also not sticky so I like it's tinted so I can go out with only that coz it also evens out the skintone ^_^

lordknight_aiz said...

^^ ahh.. nalipat lang pala sila. mas kasundo ko yung dati e. :) i went to tehir clinic to buy the blue soap (2 weeks ago yata). haay. wala daw stock so i got the glycerin soap..

inggit ako sayo gusto ko din nung blue soap. hehe

Crystal Gale said...

Hi aiz! yeah..and they are back on the QC branch...about the OOS stuff..they had quite a lot of items OOS coz their supplier of raw materials are also OOS hehe :)

lordknight_aiz said...

oh i see.. i'll go there later. ;) it's been a long time na rin. sana may blue soap na. :)

lordknight_aiz said...

I got the blue soap narin! :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ congrats! hehe at least, your trip is not wasted diba? ^_^