Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: MAC Paintpot in Painterly

Hello everyone!

Another holiday here in the Philippines so majority of us who are working don't have work today...I do have one but I did not go to my office because I'm not gonna be getting the double-pay rate coz I'm a part-timer so yeah...anyways, happy long weekend! ^_^

Now, back to topic..I will be doing a final review on MAC Paintpot in because after using it for almost 2 years, I'm already in the last few uses of it..This is a staple on my everyday makeup coz I have oily lids and my eyeshadow/concealer creases easily if I don't use any base for them.

Do take note that I live in a tropical country so if you have a colder climate than me, this will probably work differently to you. So, let's get started :)
The label is already fading hehe :)

Here is an actual picture of how much product is left...almost done! Yay! I can now get myself a new base haha..I really stopped myself to buy one until I finished this up so as not to waste good product.
What I like about it:
- neutral shade - I can use this as base for all colors of eyeshadow and it won't alter the shade of my shadows.
- Easy to apply on the lids.
- Makes eyeshadows stick on my lids for around 8 hours on cold months
- Makes the colors of the shadows vibrant.
-good value for money since it really contains a lot of product..I've been using this almost everyday for 2 years and as you can see I still have a few more weeks worth of products.
- If you like matte finish base, this is a matte one.
- Can be used alone to brighten up your eyes.
- Can be used as base for undereye concealer
- Available locally 

What I don't like:
- the product dried up a bit after 4 or 5 months..dried up in a sense that it is not as creamy as when it was brand new.
- I can't rely on this during hot eyeshadows creases so bad after 4 hours and I am spending 8 hours of the day inside an airconditioned room already. Sometimes I go home with a very defined creasing on the lids and it's so sad to look at and embarrassing...
-not that hygienic since I need to dip my fingers on it and bacteria can trap inside since it's a cream based product.
-If you don't like matte bases and wants some shimmers, this is a flat matte.
- Paintpots are available in many shades on MAC counters.

-Make sure that you wash your hands before dipping your finger in the pot to prevent putting bacteria and dirt on your pot.
- sanitize regularly by wiping the top layer with a soft tissue to remove the contaminated area.
- make sure to seal the lid tightly so as not to dry up the product
- with lid tightly closed, submerge the pot in a container with hot water then cover it with a lid..this can help the product to become creamy again.

Over all Rating: 4/5
Will I buy again? Maybe yes, maybe no.. but for now, I would like to try out the Etude House proof 10 eyeshadow base which is known to be a dupe for UDPP...and I would also like to try UDPP in Sin coz it has shimmers :)

What about you? What is your HG eyeshadow base? I would really love to hear them so I can check it out. ^_^

Till my next post! Bye! ^_^


Askmewhats said...

I've only used samples of these paintpots, I like them when they're new, really creamy and easy to apply, but you're right, after a couple of months it dried up! but at least, you're finishing it up ! Good job!

Nix said...

please review on that Etude House e/s base :)

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - at our economy right now, we really should use up anything we bought hehe sayang pera ^_^

Nix - Sure! Once I get a hold of that..always out-of-stock eh :)