Friday, April 9, 2010

Giveaway Alert! ^_^

Hi everyone!

As you all know, I'll be giving away a gift to one lucky lady among my readers because I was able to reach 107 followers already! Yay! I'm really so happy about this haha ^_^

And so, as a simple token of my appreciation to all of you guys, I have come up a cute kikay kit that contains products that I personally use to create that au naturale look that I love :)

Here's what the pouch looks like. This is hand-made. I asked my friend (Thanks Ate Joanne!) to make me one just for this giveaway..I chose a pretty shade of pink (even though my fave color is blue) because I know that most girls love pink haha ^_^

The size is just perfect for an everyday kikay kit. It's big enough to put your daily makeups but small enough to be carried around in your purse. It also has a zipper so your stuff won't clutter inside your bag.

And here's what it contains:

So, my gift includes:
*all Ellana Minerals unless stated otherwise*
1. an oil-control finishing powder (Espresso con Panna) - to keep you looking fresh all day.
2. a pearl white multipurpose mineral (Dove) - to be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter for the face and body, and adds shimmer for lips and nails too.. I love this because it is so versatile and I love products that has many uses hehe :)
3. a charcoal black multipurpose mineral (Ethereal) - as you all know, I use this as my eyeliner almost everyday because I don't have traditional liners (in pencil, gel, liquid form) yet and I find that this works best for everyday use because it gives a softer but defined eyes. You can apply this on your lashlines foiled (with a wet brush) or dry. This can also be used on top of your favorite liner to set it and makes it last longer.
4. reddish lip and cheek tint (Ruby) - this is long lasting, easy to blend and the color is buildable. You can achieve any shade of tint you like on your cheeks and lips..and I love how this gives me a pretty natural flush without looking like a clown. And as you know, I love Korean actresses' makeup and majority of them just use stains.
5. samples from Laneige (Professional Makeup Remover Multi Cleanser, water bank cream 1_EX, Perfect Renew Essence) - I love Laneige skin care products and I thought to include some samples so that the lucky winner can try them out too :)
6. And the pouch itself. I love this pouch because it is unique and hand-made.
So, that's it! My gift is not big but great gifts comes in small packages right? haha anyway, you might notice that majority of them are from Ellana..this is because I love mineral makeup, they deliver great results at affordable prices, it is available locally and I was able to get my sister Mei (who is a reseller of Ellana) to sponsor my giveaway haha ^_^
Here are the RULES to join:
1. You must live in the Philippines. Sorry for my readers who live abroad, I still can't afford the shipping fee for overseas...
2. You must be one of my 107 followers. The main reason is because I really wanted to give something out to those who followed my blog by their own decision. And I am now having this contest because of them ^_^
3. Comment on this post the following:
a. Your name.
b. answer this simple question:
What is your HG (holy grail) product for the following categories and WHY?
- Lip balm
-Oil control powder
-Eye cream
-Skin whitening (face and body)

I will then pick a lucky winner with the help of my sister...We will be drawing them from a container..I plan to write everyone's name on a piece of paper and then roll it.. I like the old-fashioned way of drawing out winners hehe I think it's exciting ^_^
I will then announce the winner on my blog and will ask her for her details so I can the gift right away.
*Deadline for my contest will be the end of April.
I hope many will join my first contest! But I think I will still be very happy regardless of the number of the contestants I'll have haha ^_^
Good luck!!


kikayfetz said...

Yay a giveaway! And I seem to be your first commentor! Anyway,

1. I live in the Philippines

2. Already a follower

a. Fatima Serdena
b. HG Products:
- lip balm: burt's bees. I love how it smells and it's perfect for prepping the lips before lipstick/gloss because it's not as "shiny" as other lip balms
- oil control powder: palladio rice powder. it's cheap and i found my perfect shade in this product. I don't even mind the weird smell hahaha
- eye cream: sad to say I haven't found "the one" yet :(
- skin whitening: I don't use skin whitening products sorry because i have had experiences of it staining my clothes :(
- anti-aging: I'm in my mid-twenties but I've been told that it's still too early to use anti-aging products.

Thanks for having this contest! I hope I win because then I will get to finally try the lip and cheek stain.

Beverly/bibay said...

hey there =D

Beverly Lava

- Lip balm
i have 2: 1. San San Lipbalm because it feels light on my lips and i like the slight reddish tint without the sticky feel
2. V&M lipbalm- lip-saver from dryness and flakiness caused by my drying lipsticks

-Oil control powder
Ellana Finishing Powder in Pumpkin Pie Latte, not sure if i can consider this my HG bec. i haven't tried other brands yet.

-Eye cream
tried so many brands but haven't found my HG :(

-Skin whitening (face and body)
Lemon (the fruit) on my face and Likas Papaya Soap for the body

no yet at the moment maybe in the furture in my late 20's

Nix said...

hello congrats on your giveaway :)

my name is NIX and im a follower :)


Lip balm -- Alba Botanicals

Oil control powder -- In2It

Eye cream -- i don't have yet!

Skin whitening -- Cyleina soaps!

Anti-aging -- i don't use yet because im 21 pa lang :P

rosey said...

hi gale!
congrats for getting over a 100 followers! more to come! woot woot!

I'm a follower.
*Lip Balm:
HUMAN HEART NATURE LIP BALM. I love the watermelon flavor. It's not tinted and I like that it's really moisturizing and has no oily/greasy feel. And it's very affordable.

*Oil Control Powder:
AVON SIMPLY PRETTY DUAL POWDER FOUNDATION. I love that it has almost no scent at all, has good oil control, has separate sponge compact and has a very good coverage.

*Eye Cream:
I haven't tried using any eye cream yet.

*Skin Whitening (Face and Body):
CYLEINA SOAPS. I love how effective it is and I like that there are a lot of variants available. It's also affordable.

SUNFLOWER OIL and VITAMIN E. I love that I can use the sunflower oil as my eye makeup remover, moisturizer, anti-aging. I love how vitamin e makes my skin glow.


lordknight_aiz said...

elaiza atienza butic

- Lip balm: Forever Living Aloe Lips. It really adds moisture to my lips. Plus the scent is so yummy. :)

-Oil control powder: Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder. It's non comedogenic and so i dont get breakouts from this powder. :)

-Eye cream: Well, i use emu oil all over my face including the eye area. It's the only moisturizer that doesnt give me pimples plus it makes my skin luminous and glowing

-Skin whitening (face and body): Black Pearl, Mistine, PH338 gluta. these are my HGs simply because it really worked for me. :)

-Anti-aging: Im very thankful that our family has this youthful aura. Plus i drink organic vitamins (Nutrilite) to stay fresh and young.

Abby said...

WAAAHHH! the bag is soooo cute! i love pink =) and i have been lemming for that dove powder for a long time already, but i don't know where to buy it!

1. I live in the Philippines
2. I am a follower! -)
a. Abegail Joyce Sabayo
b. What is your HG (holy grail) product for the following categories and WHY?

- Lip balm
1. The Face shop (the one in the mini tube, cocoa butter variant)- i love this lip balm because it's the most moisturizing and lip smoothing lip product ever for my uber dry and sensitive lips. it could also act as a lip gloss with just the right amount of sheen. it stays on for hours,which i absolutely love because I'm so lazy =p
2. maybelline lip smooth lipbalm in strawberry - it's moisturizing too and has leaves my ksin with an MLBB shade. looks au naturele. the best part? its only 89 bucks. dirt cheap =)

-Oil control powder
note: i have dry skin so i don't really need oil control that much except when i'm sweating during the summer.
1. j&j milk loose baby powder - no frills, no itchiness, this is good for everyday use.
2. the face shop dewy moist flower (loose) in NB21 - it doesn't leave my face too matte (remember, i'm dry skinned). it evens our my skin tone in no time =)
3. ellana minerals foundie in cafe breve - this matches my skin tone perfectly. i should put on only a bit though, or it will make my face too matte.

-Eye cream
i don't really use a proper eye cream because i still don't feel like i need it. but i put on sunflower oil (from sesou) or Giga shea butter around my eyes to prevent future lines (when i age). hehe.

-Skin whitening (face and body)
I honestly don't use skin whitening products too, because I'm already pale. But when i go swimming and have tanned, i get my skin color back by using j&j milk bath and leave it on for 10 minutes. in one week, it's as if i haven't tanned a bit =p

i don't use anti-aging yet because I just turned 20. but maybe...when i turned 25, i might try olay =)

zashiq5 said...

i'm from phil and a follower!~
Name is Emby

HG for
- Lip balm - editor's pick and nivea, i have dry lips so it's must and this works

-Oil control powder - i seldom use powder, but i sometimes use garnier

-Eye cream - i used one from HBC, also use eye roll on from garnier-guess not a cream, but it has cooling effect

-Skin whitening- garnier works for me, papaya soap too!

-Anti-aging - i only use moisturizer and sunblock..

goodluck to us, thanks for having this contest!

NeuroChiq said...

Goodluck on everybody joining, and congrats on reaching 107 followers, Gale! =) More Power!