Monday, April 5, 2010

Pictures from my trip @ Mt. Pulag ^_^

*WARNING: Picture Heavy ^_^
As promised, here are some pictures taken during my vacation with my family at Mt. Pulag.

Here's our camp site at the Ranger's Station. My family loves to camp instead of renting a house to stay in so we just chose a flat area and assembled our tent and camping area for our 3 days stay.

The blue tent is our comfort room hehe...yup! that is where we pee at night because the real toilet is far from our tent and it would be much convenient for us to have a place to pee that's very near :)

Here's me just going out of our tent on our second day there. I'm ready for the hiking later that morning :)

Here's our little hiking group. Little not only by numbers but because majority of my companions are kids hehe...We only went up until Camp 1 (6km walk if I remember correctly) because we don't think the kids can walk until the summit then down fast enough for us to be able to return at camp before nightfall.

When we came back to our camp, me and my sister went playing with the camera..We did our fave "jumping" pose hehe...actually, we asked everyone who walked by our tent to do a jumping pose haha ^_^

Since it's already late (around 4pm), we started preparing for dinner. My dad is the cook of the family so you can see him at the back cooking while chatting with his friends. Me, my mom and my sis are just fooling around haha :)

I helped a little by washing used pots and utensils...Although, in my opinion, that is not a small deal since the water is freezing cold because the water supply here comes directly from the mountain :)
See the fog? It is starting to get cold around 4-5pm and the temperature continues to drop as night approaches. I think the second night is the coldest among the 3 days we stayed there.

Here's my last picture of the place..I was standing on top of a hill and below is the vast vegetation of yummy vegetables :)

Oh, and before I forget, this is the main reason why we always go up there..We give out donations to the people on the mountain. Our club, the Land Cruiser Club of the Philippines, really is devoted to going to places rarely reached by outreach programs. We always try to go and reach these people who don't get the donations because they live so far from the main barangay. And since we have 4x4 vehicles, we are able to go to their place even without a real road.

And here is our final shot before going down to Manila..These are the members and their families who joined this year's Mt. Pulag Relief Mission ^_^
Sadly, all the vehicles can't fit inside the frame so you can't see how many cars they are but I think we are 10 vehicles :)
That's it! I hope you enjoyed looking at our pictures ^_^
Bye! I already have my next review..I'll be posting it within the week. Till my next post! God bless everyone!
NOTE: I'm so sorry about my background...I don't know what happened to my blogger template..I'm trying to fix it as soon I can..Hopefully, I won't lose anything during the process..coz last time, all my blog roll got lost...


Askmewhats said...

wow..that looks fun! I've only tried tent on those "fake camping" sessions in school, but never on top of the mountain, you look gorgeous still!

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you Nikki! Do try to go's fun especially if you're with friends and family ^_^

CHARRY said...

looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

Ida said...

I love camping! I wish I could go camping with all of my family like you did. :) Looks like loads of fun and it was so cool you did relief work too. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Charry - I did! ^_^

Ida- I hope you can soon :)

jehan said...

waaah! the more i missed home. the crispy cool weather here reminds me so much of my favorite time to jog back home, around 5-6a.m...