Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello guys! I'm back from my trip! I have not yet unpacked so I can't stay in front of the computer too I'll be posting pictures later this day hehe...I'm really tired from the trip..I travelled by land for 15 hours! Mt. Pulag is around 5hours from Baguio but we didn't travelled that way since traffic at Baguio during vacations is a mess so we went around to Nueva Viscaya to reach our destination...anyways...I missed the cold temperature at Mt.'s very cool during the day and very cold during the early mornings, late afternoons and at night...It reaches 8-12 degrees celcius there..hehe yeah I need to wear at least 2 layers of clothing and I sleep inside a sleeping bag..the water is even closed my open pores because it is so's like washing your face with water from the freezer haha! ^_^

Sadly, the cold weather didn't help with my rashes..I thought it's due to heat but I think it's caused by other's still here with me...well at least it's not breakouts right? and it's not too red and ugly to look at...hehe ^_^

Anyways, I'll be posting some pictures later! Bye! Happy easter Sunday!


Pammy said...

Welcome back, Gale! :P I hope the rashes will go away soon.

Askmewhats said...

welcome back!!! Get well soon and Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks Pammy! I hope so too ^_^

Thanks Nikki! Same to you! ^_^