Saturday, May 1, 2010

Review: Ellana Lip Scrub in Cucumber Melon

Hello everyone! It's a really a very nice morning today..It's shiny but not hot..And I was able to sleep late haha I love it! ^_^

Okay, since I can't put anything on my face, I started buying stuff for my lips haha...I have dry, flaky lips so I really love moisturizing lip products. On my search for another HG lipbalm and lip products that can help with my lips, I stumbled into an info that using lip scrub regularly can help..So I bought a lip scrub from sis..I got myself the new scent: Cucumber Melon :)

ELLANA Lip Scrub in Cucumber Melon

- Affordable - Only Php150 for a big pot of products

- Smells nice..really smell like melon

- Helps my lips become flake effectively removes the dead skin cells

- It comes in a sturdy plastic pot so I can carry this with me when I travel coz I don't need to worry about it breaking (glass) or popping (tube).

- I hate the taste...It leaves a soap taste on my lips arrg!

Over-all Rating: 3/5 - It really functions really well as a lip scrub but I have sensitive taste buds and I can't stand those kinds of lingering taste like with my Blistex lipbalm that I don't use because it leaves a sunblock taste on my mouth and with my By Nature strawberry lip balm that makes me think of antibiotics everytime..

BUT my sister and my mom don't have problem with those 3 lip products so I'm guessing it's just me, if you are not bothered with this, you will definitely like this product ^_^

I'll post another lip product soon..I'm testing out a new lipbalm that I bought from the drug store..I'll test it out first for a week ^_^

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Askmewhats said...

nono for the taste, I hate it if lip products do not taste good!