Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello everybody!
You might have noticed that I was unable to post lately..well, I decided to keep you in the dark on what I did..JOKE! haha ^_^
Actually, I was just hooked again with the Asian Drama fever...I have been watching the following series for a couple of weeks now...and since they are still an on-going drama on their respective countries, I wait for the fan groups that sub them every week :)
And also, since I can't put anything on my face right now, I decided to find another outlet of my small free time at night before I sleep..,just to keep my mind from thinking about my rashes too much..
So, anyways, if you love watching Asian variety shows and dramas, I would suggest you watch any of these..super nice and I love them! Aja! ^_^

(In no particular order)
1. Down with Love - Taiwanese Drama
Cast: Jerry Yan (of F4) and Ella Chen (of S.H.E.)
2. Personal taste / Personal Preference - Korean Drama
Cast: Lee Min Ho (from Korean F4) and Son Yeh Jin (from Endless Love 3)
3. We Got Married

a. Adam Couple

Cast: Jo Kwon (from 2AM) and Son Ga-In (from brown Eyed Girls)
b. Sweet Potato Couple
Cast: Jung Yonghwa (from CN Blue) and Seohyun (from SNSD)
I really, really enjoy watching them with English Subtitles since I can't understand Mandarin and Korean.
Sorry if this is not makeup or skin care related...I still can't do reviews for you guys coz I can't test it on myself yet...but having a post is better than none right? hehe ^_^

Oh, by the way, last call for my little contest/ giveaway! Deadline of entry will be on April 30, 2010 at 12:00mn. I'll be announcing the winner on May 1, 2010. Good luck! ^_^
Till next time! Bye!


zashiq5 said...

i love watching we got married too! also hello baby and SuJu reality shows..

Crystal Gale said...

^ I have watched a few episodes of Hello Baby too..it's nice and fun ^_^