Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a rant...against ABS CBN

Hello everyone. I'm really tired today physically and mentally from work and my travel going home. But that's a taken because I need to travel for at least an hour before I reach my home and since it's Friday there are also a lot of people travelling so it's very tiring riding the MRT.

Anyways, I'm actually emotionally battered right now because of ABS CBN. You probably know that I'm a big fan of Filipino romance writer Martha Cecilia (MC) right? Well, ABS CBN had done TV adaptations of a lot of her books and it had great ratings.

Well, their next project is the Kristine Series. I really, really, really love this series. Out of all MC's book, these are my favorites. This series hold a special place in my heart since I fell in love with MC because of this series. I began reading this when I was in high school and I'm already 24 and I'm still waiting for each new addition to the series until now. It's still ongoing and I don't like it to end :)

I mean, I have read each of the books at least a dozen times and I really love all the characters in all the 3 generations in the story. I knew their story by heart. I really love them.

Now, why would I be angry if ABS CBN had made a TV adaptation? At first, I'm excited about it but when I saw the teaser, I got shocked. I don't like the actors who will portray the characters and also because the writer of the TV series changed a lot things! I know that whenever a book is made into a TV series or a movie, you can't help but have differences, I know that. But I can't really accept that the writers of the TV adaptation changed the name of the main character and put a lot of twists on the whole story. I mean, if whoever he/she read the book, there are a lot of twists already and there will be no need to change or add anything.

I mean, it would not be the same story that we fans loved if they are gonna change everything major in the story. Even Martha Cecilia is angry coz ABS CBN did not talk to them about these whole "twist" as they call it. This is so unacceptable. As far as I know, you can't really changed something that major without asking permission from the author of the book, so this is not right.

If you are also a fan like me, please post a petition on ABS CBN website or at their multiply so that they will know we don't like it.

I'm sorry if you all have to read this..But I must release all these frustrations one way or another because I'm really exploding. I will really hate ABS CBN for life if they don't do something about this. Period. No second chances. Grrr!

I hope everything will go well. I'm really going to attend their press conference to see if they will have an answer to our petitions.

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Beverly/bibay said...

yeah i share your rants too! I saw the trailer tonight and was kinda confused..i thought jewel's partner is bernard? and in the book jewel was morena and emerald was the fair one. Also the actors have NO CHEMISTRY at all! there are so many artists in abs but they keep casting those who lacks charisma..

Crystal Gale said...

Yup! Jewel's partner is Bernard but ABS changed his name into Jaime something. and another yup that Jewel is morena coz she's described as having honey-colored skin and very dark eyed beauty..

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't like their politics nor the slant in their reporting. Now they've twisted even their dramas?! That's ridiculous! Fight for your right to get the drama right.