Friday, September 10, 2010

What's New?

Wow! I can't believe it's been more than a month since my last post. I don't really know what came to me that I was unable to post even a single blog during the last 5 weeks.. I feel so guilty coz I neglected you guys...Sorry!

I know you're all wondering what happened to me this last month why I became MIA so I decided to created this post to sort of give you all a bird's eyeview on what has been happening in my life lately :)


I tried to have 2 jobs last month. I applied and got accepted (under probation) in a dental clinic. The opening is for a receptionist but during the interview, they told me I will also assist the dentist in procedures since I'm a nurse so I'm quite happy with that since I can work again in a medicine setup.

Now, since I did not gave up my transcriptionist job, I'm supposed to be working 7 days a week full time. At first I thought I can do it but I guess I can't. My body is not strong enough and I got sick.

Anyways, I resigned after 4 days due to many reason. Aside from my health, I did not liked the job, particularly the part wherein aside from being the receptionist, I'm also the cashier. I really can't handle money. Math is not my strength and the container for the money is always open to anyone. On my first day, I almost lost Php5,000! We can't seem to balance the money on-hand and on the receipts. Any staff can get petty money from the cashier and it's hard to leave my station coz whenever I came back from a bathroom break, it's not the same anymore coz someone took some. And also, the working hours is so long and the salary is just minimum.

So yeah, I'm still working at my current company as a media transcriptionist. I'm happy there coz I had an increase already and also a healthcard that is very essential to me since I have a low immune system.


First off, sorry for those who are waiting for updates about my derma roller experience. I got my 2nd one but I was unable to take pictures so I'll just tell you guys what happened.

-My face is a lot redder than the first one. I don't know why hehe. But it still subsided after 4 hours or so.

-I can see some of my deep scars filling up. They're not that deep na.

-My pores shrinked a little in my opinion.

-The people arround me noticed an improvement on my skin even though I still have A LOT of dark scars on my cheeks.

-I have not noticed any impact on my breakouts since I'm still getting them until now.

Derma Roller #3 is on hold as of the moment. My derma gave me a new regimen for my acne after my 2nd DR and we gave it 3 weeks to work. It helped a lot. I don't have too many pimples now but I still get acne every now and then so we can't proceed yet. Maybe next week is better to have the 3rd DR plus spot peeling for the scars coz they are hideous now. It's depressing me. I'll post a pic next time :)


I'm still testing out some stuffs. I'm not yet sure about my opinion on them so I'm putting them on hold until I'm 100% sure about it :)


I'm still coughing due to itchiness of my throat. I think the reason why I haven't healed yet is because the air pollution is so heavy! I ride a jeepney going to the train station from my office and I can really inhale all the smoke from buses and jeepneys that I think doesn't really maintain their vehicles coz they exhaust dark smoke. argg! this is the thing I hate about big cities aside from traffic.

Me and my bf decided to get our first puppy together! I'm so excited because she will be our first baby ever and we plan on spoiling her hehe..I'll definitely post pics of her once she arrived. We'll be getting her on Thursday. Yay!

So, yeah. Those are the things that happened this last month. I hope everything will be better for me this month.

Happy weekend everyone! Till next time! Bye ^_^


Pammy said...

Glad you're back! :P I think leaving the dental clinic is a good decision. It's like you're overworked yet underpaid - receptionist, cashier, assistant. And the pay, you said, is minimum. I hope you get better soon, good to hear that you have a healthcard na. And pics of the puppies, please. :P

Crystal said...

hey gale take care!

Askmewhats said...

hey You've made a great decision, you're still young and you follow what your heart tells you :) You have so much ahead of you!!! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Pammy - yeah, and sometimes pa below minimum...Thank you! I went to the doctor na kanina and he gave me meds, I should get fully recovered in a week..I'll post the pics soon :)

Crystal - Thank you!

Nikki - Thank you! Actually, I feel so blessed right now. I have a new career path in front of me. Pag finalized na, I'll share it with you all..Ayaw ko ma-jinx haha

jehan said...

it's nice to read from you again...

ah, DR... i was supposed to enroll for it after my diamond peel sessions. husband said i just continue my treatment here but it costs a lot here. promise, 2 years na ko dito this oct. di pa ko nakapagpa-facial man lang kahit minsan. ironic, i told my husband, that i earn more here compared back home.. but at least i got to visit a dermatologist at least once or twice a month... here? never... haha...