Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello everyone! My gosh! I can't believe I've been MIA for a long while again! Time really flies when you're having fun...My grandparents came to Manila for a 2-wk stay (They are based in Mindanao and just go here every 3mos)...Also, my relatives from abroad are here in the Philippines and they are staying for a month so we had a lot of get togethers...It's really nice to have family reunions especially if you only get to see them every 2 years or cousins are so big already...I always tell him, "I can't believe you're a teenager already! I'm getting old!" lols ^_^

I really hope they can go back here sooner than later. They'll be leaving for Australia on the 11th and I'll really miss them.

We also had a lot of birthday celebrations in the family but of course, the most important is my dad's 51st birthday..I think this is one of the most special one coz he overcame his last illness and it really scared us all. So, happy birthday Papa!

Those are the things that happened to me during my hiatus. I hope everyone is having a fun time too! ^_^

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