Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: TiaNuo Lip Oil/Tint

Hello! I hope everyone will have a great week...Take care of your health...I'm actually sick right now...I had an asthma attack after I cleaned my room last Saturday...arrg! I really hate the dust :(
Anyway, here is a product that I have re-newed my love with. I have used this when I was still in college but stopped using it (I don't really know why). I even get compliments from guys when I use this haha it makes my lips look like I have naturally reddish lips :)

- It gives off a very natural tint to my lips. Really a MLBB color.

- Buildable intensity. The more product you apply, the brighter the your lips look.

-The stain lasts long. Maybe 4 hours without re-applying. And even after eating, there's still some tint left on the lips.

- Moisturizing on the lips (That's why it's called lip oil). Girls with dry lips like me that can't use lipsticks coz they cause chapping, should try this. It works great :)

- The product can lasts months even with daily use and frequent reapplying.

- Very affordable. I think it only cost Php20 hehe

- Easy availability. Can be bought at any 7/11 stores nationwide or at Divisoria for bulk purchasing :)

*I think the flash wiped out the color. It's a lot brighter in person*

I don't like this because:

- I don't like the container itself. It's a roll-on type and it kind of leaks at the side so I need to wrap it up with tissue or else my kikay kit will be stained pink!

Other than that, I can't think of any negative comment about it :) I love this product!

NOTE: For those who don't like Chinese products, this is made in China. (I think...based on the name)

Rating: 4.5/5 - I'll give this a 5 star if only the packaging doesn't leak.

Will I re-purchase? Yes! This is my favorite liptint as of the moment :)

This product proves that you can also see treasures in items marked as "cheap" or "drugstore" products :)

Untill my next review! Bye!


Kari said...

Hi Gale! This is Kari, I bought from your sis & met the two of you in Trinoma before. I have your blog on my Google Reader, it's nice to see you updating again :) I just had to comment because when I saw this entry I was like OMG! I had this! I agree that the effect of this is pretty but I really couldn't take the container, so I threw it away. But the stains in my former makeup bag will be there for all eternity :))

Pammy said...

I remember using something like this years ago. I like that the tint easily shows up but I think I stopped because it is made in China. But the pink tint is really pretty.

Crystal Gale said...

Kari - Hi! It's nice to see you here. I'll try to update more often hehe :)

I think that's one of my reasons why I didn't continue using this after college..I really hate the packaging haha ^_^

Pammy- Hi! yeah, I agree...It's a little scary too that this may contain something unwanted because it's made from China...