Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organizing Tips: Bags, Makeup, Brushes

Hello everyone! You might've been surprised that I'm posting 2 days in a row, right? haha Well, I'm still staying at home right now so I decided to do some blogging.

As I'm thinking about the topic I want to do, I got an idea to do a post about organizing. So, this is how I organize some of my stuff to keep my small room clutter free. I hope these tips can help :)

1.) Makeup Brushes

I kept my brushes upright in a glass for a while like the many makeup gurus I watch on YT, I liked it that way because I can easily access any brush I want to use.

BUT, I just realized dust can accumulate on my brushes and can cause me to breakout. I really am paranoid on the cleanliness of anything I put on my face so I decided to change my container to this:
It's a simple Rubbermaid container that is air tight. It keeps my brushes dust-free 24/7.
Plus, it's easy to keep on top of my traincase coz it's not too big hehe :)

2.) Lipticks

Have you ever had a problem looking for the right lipstick because they are all jumbled in a pouch or at your drawer? Well, I have that problem. I can't seem to use every piece of my lipsticks coz I just tend to grab anything on top of the pile every morning since I'm on the rush. It's really a waste of time for me so I kept looking and looking for an organizing tips for this. I tried making my own lipstick divider using cardboard cut-out but it just won't stay put long enough. I also wanted to buy lipstick organizer from the mall but they are so expensive! I thought I'll get stuck with this problem until I saw this baby at Saizen (Trinoma). They are lipstick organizers made from hard plastic and they're cheap! It only cost Php85! What a steal!

Look at my lipsticks! All aligned and standing up. I placed them with the label on the top so I can easily see the shade name and I won't need to open each one up whenever I'm looking for a certain shade to use.
I place them at the bottom of my traincase but if you have a vanity table then you can display all your lipsticks on top :)
NOTE: I think they also have organizers for nail polishes if you are a nail polish addict.

3.) Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipliner

Just like with my brushes, I kept my liners and mascara in a case so that I can just bring out this case and use the stuff I need then return it back. So easy. I used my empty chocolate tin can for this purpose.

4.) Bags/Purses/Hats
I saw this tip while I was watching at Lifestyle Network. When you have a small space, use your wall surface in organizing stuff like shelvings and such. I have a very small room and I sleep under the double-deck bed (my sister sleeps on the top) and so I got myself a screen with 2.5 by 2.5 inches squares (you can get it in any hardware store and it's very affordable) and attached it on the empty wall beside my bed. Then, you'll just need hooks like these (see pics) for putting up your bags and purses :)
And it will look like this ^_^

This is much better placed behind the door or if you have lots of bags or hats, use it as a piece of decoration and place it in one wall of your room and show off your collection!

That's how I organize my stuff coz if you have limited space and have too much stuff, then, you need to utilize all spaces available. I hope these tips help! till next time! bye!


jehan said...

nice organizing tips...
i also used to keep my brushes upright with a lovely pink small flower vase but here in korea, there's no notion of privacy. my husband's sister in law (yep, hipag lang nya) opened our cabinet one time to look at my things. her daughter saw my brushes and you know what, she played with them, using to brush all the surfaces she could see. OMG buti nakita ko talaga so i ended up washing them all at once. not even a sorry from her b*tch mother. since then i started keeping them in a big pouch.. haay, hehe...
but we have transfered already. 40 kilometers away from them so i might as well start keeping them upright again. i keep them in the cabinet anyway so no need for dust buildup...

jehan said...

i mean no need for me to WORRY about dust build up... hehe..

JoiceyTwenty said...

nice post! :)) really helpful. i actually wanted to buy a separate traincase for my brushes kase like what you said, dust definitely accumulates which is bad! haha. the brushes won't anymore fit on my traincase eh.

what brands are those lipsticks? i love lipsticks!!! :D but weirdly i'm now into mascaras. haha. :))

Crystal Gale said...

Jehan - Hi! How are you? I'm sure you're blooming now ^_^

Omo! really? grabe naman yun ...buti na lang you transferred houses na..Congrats hehe :)

Stay happy and healthy!

Joicey - Hi! long time no "see". How are you? :)

Yeah, i hate dusts sa brushes hehe...my lipsticks are mostly Lancome, HR and Shu coz they are mostly gifts from my Japanese friends :)

I prefer eyeliners ngayon haha ^_^