Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: Etude House Proof 10 eyeliner pencils

Hello everyone! I have been quite busy lately with personal stuffs so sorry I was unable to post last week...But I'm still testing out products so I have a list already of what to review :)

Now, I'm gonna do a review for Etude House Proof 10 eyeliner pencils. I have been using this for the last month and I have tested them in both cold and hot weather so I think I can give a good review on these two babies :)
Just a little background.. I have very oily eyelids (and T-zone) so my eye makeup really needs to have a good eyebase in order to prevent it from creasing and smudging. I have always experienced looking like a racoon at the end of the day because all my eyemakeup went down to my undereye...So yeah, I decided to test these two producs with and without eyeshadow base to have a good judgement :)
Etude House Proof10 eyeliners are automatic and comes with its own sharpener at the end of the pencil. The blue one is from the jewelry line which means it has shimmers in it while the black one is from their regular line and is just matte.

What I like about this product:
- No need to frequently sharpen unlike with regular pencil liners.
- Comes with its own sharpener.
- Very easy to use and apply because you can control it easily (compared to using liquid or gel liner)..
- You can also carry this around in your makeup pouch for touch ups during the day since it's in pencil form and you don't need to carry another brush with it.
- The liner itself is soft so it doesn't tag and scratch your delicate skin.
- The color it produce is the same as it is in the cap. Check out this picture. I swiped it twice each and the colors are already vibrant even without base :)
- Long staying on my oily lids with or without eyeshadow base. If without base, the vibrancy of the color upon first application stays put for around 5 hours in hot weather and if with base the whole day (8-10 hours).
Note: I did not try putting this on my waterline coz I don't like doing it. I just use liners on my upper and lower lashline...
- very affordable and accessible. There are a lot of Etude House stores here in Manila. The price for each is only around Php300! (I'm so sorry if I can't tell the price, I lost the receipt..)

What I don't like about these two:
- very hard to remove at night. You really need a good eye makeup remover because my Mandom cleansing express and Ellana makeup removers doesn't work. I still become like a racoon the next day because the liners have smuddged during washing of my face at night...

Here's an EOTD of me using both liners. I just smudged the blue liner a little because I did wear this look out and my sister is looking at me strangely when the blue was so vibrant hehe :)
- Buy a good eyemakeup remover. Choose one that is good for waterproof eye makeup products.
- Use cotton buds soaked with your makeup remover instead of cotton so you can remove your eyeliner in hard to reach places.
- Don't share with others to prevent contamination. If you did shared it, sharpen your eyeliner to sanitize it by removing outer coating.
I hope this review helps. Do check out Etude House. This brand really offers good quality products at an affordable price. Plus, the store is so cute and especially the packaging of the products. You'll really feel like a princess hehe :)
Till next time. Bye! :)


Kari said...

Oooh that jewel pencil looks pretty! Reminds me of a Nichido GNO pencil I have but much lighter :)

I cannot visit an Etude House branch here without buying something. It's really bad! :))

Aya said...

Love EH pdts! :)

Askmewhats said...

I have to try them too next time! I want those fool proof liners that are inexpensive because I'm an eyeliner gal! :)

Shopcoholic said...

the blue one looks gorgeous!

DeBi said...

nice, the blue one is cute!

Hollie said...

I have to try this! It nice that these automatic. No sharpening needed.

Crystal Gale said...

Kari - Me too! I can't go there and go out without getting anything...too bad for my wallet hehe :)

Aya - Same here!

Nikki - I thought of you when I got and tried them...Coz I know you love liners like me hehe :)

Shopcoholic and Debi - I agree! I love the color so much that I can't help but get it :)

Hollie - Yup! Very hassle free :)

JoiceyTwenty said...

wow i have to try this. :) thanks for the review/