Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Basic Beauty 2-way Powder + DR#7

Hello everyone! It has been around a week since my last post. I'm currently getting acquainted with my new job. I'm learning the procedures that I will be doing to patients and also procedures that I needed to assist the doctor. It's not that difficult but since I've been away in the medical field for a long time, I can't really move as fast as I used to. But on the other hand, I'm very much enjoying interacting with people. I even get to meet some of my readers there and it's a very nice feeling to chat with them in person. So guys, please introduce yourself when you do visit there so I will know you too :)

Now, on to my review of the week. I mentioned this product in my Best of 2010 products. It's the Basic Beauty Beauty 2-way powder.

I've been using this everyday for atleast 2 months already and I think it's enough testing to give my review on it :)

It comes in a cute small packaging. It can actually fit in my palm and my hands are small, mind you hehe :)
The logo of the brand, shade and the ingredients are all placed in the cover instead of the usual which is at the botton of the pan.
Another unique feature of this compact is the mirror. It is uniquely placed at the bottom of the pan.
It also comes with a cute washable sponge to use for touch-ups.


- Gives me a natural matte look for 4-5 hours. This is an achievement for me coz I am super oily and I do start getting oily 30 minutes after I wash my face.

- Hypo-allergenic. This brand claims that it is hypo-allergenic. I also showed this to my dermatologist and she said the ingredients are fine.

- I did not experience any breakouts or any type of allergic reaction (like itchiness). I really have sensitive skin and I can only use limited number of products on my face that won't give me itchiness so I'm really happy that I did not experienced any kind of bad reactions from this.

-Very light on the face. It feels like you don't have anything on.

- Can be used to set liquid foundation coz this won't give any additional coverage.

- The shade Light is perfect for me.

- It doesn't appear chalky for me.

- Very compact and will easily fit any size of makeup bag.
- It has a built-in mirror and also a sponge so you won't need to carry a separate mirror and brush for touching up during the day.

- Sturdy packaging. I accidentally dropped this and the powder inside did not crack and the whole case is still intact.
- Affordable. This is only Php280! (I can't remember the exact amount but it's around P280)

- Can easily be purchased locally. I got this in Trinoma Landmark department store.


- It has a tendency to cake if you use the sponge applicator to retouch often. I prefer using my Ellana baby buki in retouching throughout the day.

- Because it doesn't have any coverage, for days that you want to cover up imperfections, this won't do at all. It's just like putting a transluscent finishing powder.

-It's only 8grams so it will surely be used up quite fast if used often.

- It only has 3 shades: Light, Medium, Dark.

Here's a shot of my bare face.
Note: This shot is taken 2 days after my 7th derma roller session ^_^

Here's a pic of me wearing Basic Beauty 2-way powder in Light only.

I know it looks white but it does blend in on my skin after a couple of minutes and then become dewy after 3-4hours because of my oilies. It really looks natural in person :)

OVER-ALL RATING: 4.5/5 - I love this product! If only I can use this as my foundation, I will definitely give this 5/5 rating :)

WILL I BUY AGAIN? Definitely! I'm even contemplating on trying out other products from this brand :)
Hope you all enjoyed this post. Till next time. Bye! ^_^


Juana Kristina said...

I've been waiting for this review, Gale. :P I'm in search of an inexpensive pressed powder. Will check if they have it in Landmark, Makati. Your skin looks flawless, BTW! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Juana - Thank you! Yeah, you should check it out coz it's very nice but still affordable :)