Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming back from my hiatus...

Hello everyone! I miss you all! I can't believe my last post was last March already...time flies so fast when you're busy..Please pardon me for not updating my blog and for not visiting your posts too...I was unable to stay online for a long time everyday since I don't own the computer I'm using to check my mails, etc. so I can't really construct anything and I hate being rushed when I'm making a blog post coz I love being thorough in my details...

Now, you might be wondering why I'm not using my own computer...well, it's now dead, literally. I had my best buddy checked it out 2 months ago because it keeps on shutting down by itself. But after a couple of days trying to fix the problem, my motherboard exhaled it's last breath and can't be resuscitated anymore. Because it's kind of an old model, I won't be able to find an exact one to replace it and it would be more costly if I will try to fix it since I'll need to change all the parts too. So my friend suggested that I just get myself a new one because it would be cheaper and would be brand new so the lifespan would be a lot longer too hehe...anyways, with my low income, I won't be able to have the budget to get a new computer so I'm now stuck borrowing my brother's computer with a monitor that shuts down every so often that I can't even write a single paragraph straight. Arrgg! So please allow me to just post every now and then until I can come up with a better plan :)

I'm also currently in an indefinite leave from my work because my mom will be undergoing a major operation for her myoma...And since I'm the eldest and I'm a nurse in the family, I would be taking care of her. I'm now quite busy going back and forth in a couple of hospitals too coz I'm also accompanying my grandparents for their own diagnostic check ups. My lolo for his intestinal bleeding and my lola for her annual breast cancer check up.

A lot of my relatives abroad came back here in Pinas for a visit too..So as usual, there was a lot of reunions and entertaining to do. I really enjoyed having my Ninong Marvin's family come over for a visit. He is one of my uncles who really became my nanny while I was growing up so I'm really close with him. My Ninang Amy also came back here after around 15 years of staying in America. She's one of my mom's closest cousin :)

This is really a very memorable summer for me coz I got to see a lot of my relatives and I became close with my co-workers and some of my patients. I also got to learn a lot of new skills from my current work.

Anyways, I'm hoping that I could post another topic for today after this one. I'm currently typing without a screen right now coz my monitor shut down again...whew! it came back just in time for me to say goodbye to you guys and post this hehe.

I hope everyone had a great summer! And always keep safe. Miss you all! Till my next post! Bye!



Kari said...

It's great how you are spending so much time with your family! Most people hardly do that these days. I hope your mom will be ok. My mom has myoma too (and hernia) so she complains of the pain every now and then. Might also consider putting my career plans on hiatus if she goes through with her operation as well next month.

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Kari! Thank you. I hope your mom gets well too. Let's hope and pray that everything will be alright soon :)

Askmewhats said...

Hi there Crystal, get well soon to your mom and you are a good daughter! I wouldn't mind taking a leave when it comes to loved ones and I salute you for that too :)

Kudos to you for being a good daughter and we'll always be here when you're ready to post :)

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks Nikki! ^_^